Personal Training

Personal training is a great option for those looking to get involved in fitness, change up their fitness routine, train for a sport or compeition, or stay motivated and encouraged to reach your fitness goals!

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Student Recreation and Wellness’ personal trainers are held to a high standard and are required to demonstrate their knowledge and ability to work with clients based on their goals. All trainers possess a nationally-recognized personal training certification. In addition, the staff attends regular trainings and workshops to keep them up-to-date with fitness trends and industry standards in the field of strength and conditioning. Personal trainers are prepared to work with clients looking to lose weight, gain muscle mass, improve overall fitness, and increase strength.

Specialty Packages

$20Starter PackageIncludes a 30 minute assessment and 1 workout session.
$10Exercise Consultation30 minute non-active consultation for programming, form/technique, and progression recommendations.
$25Functional Movement ScreenIncludes 7 movement screens to identify movement quality, deficiencies, or limitations.
$20Full Fitness AssessmentIncludes resting measures, deep squat analysis, aerobic test, muscular strength and endurance tests, and flexibility assessment.

One-on-one Sessions

Number of SessionsCost Per Session