Meet the Instructors



Marcus B.

Marcus believes that working out and getting healthy are part of a fun and amazing journey. He wants to use his position as a Highlander Training instructor to encourage others to join him on the journey to a healthier lifestyle. Join Marcus and experience the journey!



Clara B.

Who is ready to try yoga flow? Clara fell in love with Yoga at her local YMCA and realized the major impacts it can have on mental and physical health. She enjoys going to other Group X classes so you might see her next to you in another format. If you are interested in learning to move fluidly between stances and build a stronger core than you will enjoy Clara's class. Find Clara in Studio 117 and let her lead you through a clean, safe workout. Check out the Group X schedule to see Clara's classes!



Alan Forrest


Alan F.

Alan is a Professor in the Department of Counselor Education. In addition to his personal mindfulness meditation practice, Alan leads, and co-leads, mindfulness retreats for college students, medical students, human service and mental health professionals, educators, young adults and others. Alan co-teaches the undergraduate mindfulness course each semester, COED 280: Introduction to the Process and Practice of Mindfulness.



Emily F.

Let's get to know Emily! She has certifications in Yoga, POUND®, and BODYPUMP™. She can also be found in the weight room working as a Weight Room Specialist. Emily's instruction style can be described as energetic and powerful. She is an incredibly knowledgeable fitness enthusiast. Check out the Group X schedule for one of her classes and enjoy the experience!



Eliza G.

Eliza completed her yoga training with the Kunga yoga school. She has practiced many different forms of yoga and enjoys them all. She wants to help others deal with stress and overall health through the use of her practice. Check out Eliza's yoga classes on the Group X schedule if you are looking for a relaxing and invigorating environment!




Liz G.

Join Liz for a high-energy, stress-numbing workout this semester. No matter your level, Liz can help you get fit and feeling good about yourself in no time! Her favorite food is guacamole, her favorite animal is a penguin, and her favorite TV show is Law and Order: SVU. Liz is the Assistant Director of Wellness/Fitness and is holds the following accreditations: NSCA-CSCS, ACE-GFI, ACE-CPT, Les Mills BODYPUMP, BODYCOMBAT, and BODYJAM, Turbokick, Zumba, FMS, and AFAA.

Makenzi G.


Makenzi G.

Makenzi welcomes all who welcome her. She is a certified yoga instructor. Her favorite part of teaching yoga is assisting others in finding their mind-body connection and helping them to use it beyond their mats. 
You can also find her in the Radford Outdoors office. She is a honest, friendly instructor who wants to see everyone succeed and reach the goals they set for themselves. You can find Makenzi in Studio 117 on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursdays. If you would like to learn more, meet her there!



Robert G.

Robert is a certified Zumba®
instructor here at the SRWC. He is ecstatic to be teaching in the FitWell Program. He has been teaching for 3 years to people of various ages and level of physical capability. "I like to share my love of dance with others and to create an atmosphere where people can come have fun, de-stress, feel comfortable in their own skin and express themselves while experiencing the benefits of the physical activity."



Kendall H.

Kendall is an elementary education major here at Radford University. She loves the idea of helping people make positive changes in their lives. Kendall is a Zumba® instructor. Her passion for dancing started at a young age and developed into something she was eager to share with others. Kendall loves Zumba® because she believes exercise should be fun, not a chore! She hopes to challenge her students while increasing their confidence! Check out the Group X schedule to see when you can join Kendall in the studio!



Lori J.

Lori has always been passionate about fitness and is a firm believer that it has the power to change peoples’ lives for the better. Ultimately, she strives to help others realize their potential, set goals, and achieve their dreams whether it be fitness related or not. Lori is certified in BODYPUMP™, BODYCOMBAT™, and TRX®. Check out when her classes are on the Group X schedule.






Aleta L.

Aleta is one of the TRX® instructors here at the Student Recreation and Wellness Center as well as an RA for several campus run apartments. Aleta is excited to help others learn more about what TRX® is and how it can be used to help with workouts in other areas of the gym. She looks forward to seeing everyone in the TRX® area. Check out when TRX® is available on the Group X schedule.






Danny L.

Let's give a warm welcome to Danny! He is a certified BODYPUMP™ instructor who is enthusiastic and friendly. He also teaches Highlander Training once a week. He loves getting to know the people that come to his classes and enjoys seeing return participants. Danny is energentic and will work just as hard as you do in every class. He enjoys long walks on the beach, movies, and clichés. Check out the Group X schedule to see when you can join Danny in the studio!

Ariana M.


Ariana M.

Ariana is a Yoga instructor here at Radford University. She has practiced yoga since grade school and has a passion to help others learn what she loves. Yoga is an effective mind and body practice for anyone who seeks to feel good and live mindfully both on and off the mat. Ariana wants to help others cultivate their practice and lead a balanced life. Join Ariana for a thoughtful Yoga session in the Student Recreation and Wellness Center Studio 117. Check out Ariana's classes on the Group X schedule!






Reagan M.

Reagan M. is a double major in Dance and French. Also, she is a CVPA ambassador, a University 150 peer mentor, an instructor for Radford University Ballet Youth, and Secretary for "Harmony in Motion." She is incredibly excited to be a Zumba instructor in training! Check in on one of Reagan's class with either Robert or Kendall, check the schedule for updates!


Haley M.

Haley teaches cycle at Student Recreation and Wellness Center (SRWC). Fitness has become one of her passions over the past couple of years. Cycling is her favorite form of exercise because it has bettered her as a person, both physically and mentally. She thoroughly enjoys sharing her enthusiasm and love for fitness with others. Meet her in Studio 106 to enjoy a fun and moving workout. 



Bekah O.

Bekah  loves fitness and sharing that passion with others. She is a certified BODYCOMBAT™ instructor and aims to encourage and connect with her participants. Bekah absolutely loves the way she feels after working out and the sense of accomplishment she feels after. Her goal is to motivate others who come to the gym and have fun while working out!  Check out Bekah's classes on the Group X schedule.





Cassie R.

Cassie is currently studying for her Masters/EdS in School Psychology. She is undergoing her 200hr certification to be a yoga instructor, and loves bringing mindfulness into her practice. One of her favorite things about yoga is that it is for everyone and practice can be taken off the mat and into our everyday lives through kind words, kind thoughts, and kind intentions. Check out when Cassie's classes are on the GroupX schedule!


Logan R.

If you love music, these classes are for you. Everything that he teaches is rooted in a beat and he can show you how to move your feet. He would love for everyone to join him in his upbeat and energetic classes. Logan began teaching group fitness classes in 2014. He is currently certified in  BODYCOMBAT™, BODYPUMP™, and POUND®. Also, he teaches Cycle with the FitWell team. He strives to make sure people reach their goals when they walk into the studio. After college, he plans on continuing teaching classes. Check out the Group X schedule to try one of his classes!



Emma R.

Emma loves to find different ways to have fun staying healthy. She fell in love with group fitness classes when she came here as a freshman and hasn’t looked back! Emma is now a certified Les Mills BODYPUMP™ instructor and hopes to gain more certifications in the future. She can be found teaching BODYPUMP™ or 30 minute core almost any day of the week. She encourages people to come talk to her after class and you can check out her Instagram for updates about what she's teaching and other fitness related topics: @_emmylou_97

Pat S.


Pat S.

Pat S. began studying Kriya Yoga meditation in
1972 and continues to study, practice and teach contemplative practices as a path to well-being.  Along with Alan Forrest and Angela Cardenas, Pat teaches an introductory course on mindfulness at Radford.  She supports students in  applying mindfulness concepts and practices to their personal, interpersonal, and professional lives. The focus of the mindfulness labs at the Radford Wellness and Recreation Center is to help students develop a personal mindfulness practice as part of their healthy approach to living. Check out when mindfulness is available on the Group X schedule.





Anna Z.

Anna is a driven, hard-working college student. Anna found fitness at a young age and she continued to grow within the fitness world at Radford University by joining Group X classes as a participant. She worked hard and earned a place as a Cycle instructor with the Fit Well staff. Anna enjoys helping others find fitness and is excited to see new faces in Studio 106 every week.