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Everyone knows how important a positive, efficient weight room is in the production of top level athletes and teams. Give your teaching and coaching in the weight room a better direction!

Learn the proper techniques for lifting as well as how to put those lifts into a program designed to your needs. This course simplifies the process for you so that you can utilize your time to the max.

Over the many years of teaching in the high school setting, we have found that if everyone is able to get in one pushing, one pulling and one leg movement in every workout, then they have made the most efficient use of their time! Working all of the major muscle groups in a short period of time with safe, effective movements!




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  • All “hands on” participation
  • “Learn by Doing” the clean, snatch and jerk
  • Safety and efficiency stressed throughout
  • Fixing flaws in technique
  • Dealing with Flexibility issues holding you back
  • Dealing with Strength issues holding you back
  • Coaches Eye video analysis
  • No written test, but a “technique” contest at the end for evaluation
  • Each participant receives access to 55 minute video review of the course
  • Learn from the Best!