Bench Press Competition

Bench Press Spring 2018

Friday, November 9, 2018

Competition Starts at 3:00pm

Student Recreation & Wellness Center, MAC Court

November 30, 2018 marks Radford University’s Fall Bench Press Competition. Whether you are a dedicated competitor or a beginner, the event is a great opportunity to test your abilities and have a good time with other lifters. This event is open to all Radford University students. Outside spectators are allowed.

Prepare for the competition and  go over form & technique. For tips and tricks talk to a Weight Room Specialist or a Personal Trainer.

$10 Pre-Registration Fee if registered by November 8 | PreRegistration Form

$15 Walk Up Registration Fee if registered on November 9

Payments due during weigh ins on November 9

Event Schedule

  • Walk up registration 9:00am-2:00pm.
  • Weigh-ins 9:00am-2:00pm.
  • Rules Meeting 2:45-3:00pm w/ the Head Judge
  • Competition Starts 3:00pm
  • Awards Ceremony following competition

Rules and Regulations

  • This is a raw event. Meaning supportive equipment such as squat suits and bench press shirts will not be allowed.

  • The lifter must lie on their back with head, shoulders and buttocks in contact with the bench surface. The feet must be flat on the floor (as flat as the shape of the shoe will allow). Hands and fingers must grip the bar positioned in the rack stands with a thumbs around grip. Foot movement is permissible but must remain flat on the platform. The hair must not hide the back of the head when lying down on the bench. The lift-off if assisted by the spotter/loaders must be at arm's’ length.

  • The use of the reverse grip is forbidden.

  • After removing the bar from the racks, with or without the help of the spotter / loaders, the lifter shall wait with straight arms elbows locked for the Chief Referee’s signal. The signal shall be given as soon as the lifter is motionless and the bar properly positioned. If after a period of five seconds they are not in the correct position to begin the lift. The Chief Referee will then convey the reason why the signal was not given.

  • The signal to begin the attempt shall consist of a downward movement of the arm together with the audible command “Start”.

  • After receiving the signal, the lifter must lower the bar to the chest or abdominal area (the bar shall not touch the belt), hold it motionless on the chest, after which the Chief referee will signal the audible command “Press”. The lifter must then return the bar to straight arm’s length elbows locked. When held motionless in this position the audible command “Rack” shall be given together with a backward motion of the arm. If the bar is lowered to the belt or does not touch the chest or abdominal area, the Chief Referee’s command is “Rack.

  • Chalk will be provided

Weight Classes

Male Female
  • Below 120
  • 120.5-140
  • 140.5-160
  • 160.5-180
  • 180.5-200
  • 200.5-220
  • Above 220.5
  • Below 100
  • 100.5-120
  • 120.5-140
  • 140.5-160
  • Above 160.5

For more information or questions, please contact Zack ( or Elyssa (