About Sports Clubs

The Sports Club Council (SCC) was formed in the fall of 2000 to represent recognized club sports at Radford University. The Sports Club Council currently represents the following Sports Club teams: Bowling, Fishing, Ice Hockey, Lacrosse, Soccer, Ultimate Frisbee, Volley Ball, Equestrian, Rugby, Skeet and Trap, Softball, Swimming, Tennis, and Basketball. 

A Sport Club is a recognized student organization that has been formed by individuals motivated by a common interest and a desire to participate in a favorite sports activity.  It exists to promote and develop interest in that sport.  Its members may learn new skills, refine existing skills, engage in competition, and enjoy the recreational and social fellowship that sport supplies.  All students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to participate as their time/interest permits.  The club experience is one of student development and initiative.

Looking for information on particular clubs?

Details about each sports club can be found on RU Involved. If you would still like additional information about a sports club or are having difficulty finding what you are looking for email the sports club council.

Is your sport club Interested in joining the SCC?

Contact the assistant director of recreational programs or chair to discuss your program and how it could potentially benefit your club. You can also review the eligibility requirements.

Student Recreation & Wellness saw the need to create the SCC for sport clubs that have unique needs from that of other clubs. The SCC, which is funded directly by Student Finance Committee, helps provide partial funding to those organizations that can meet its standards. Its founding members included the Redcoats, Ice Hockey, Men's Rugby and Women's Rugby. Since its inception, the SCC has helped develop 22 sport clubs with more than 450+ participants. These clubs participate in collegiate leagues similar to those of varsity teams. Most of the SCC members have participated in National Tournaments throughout the U.S. and achieved an abundant amount of success.