Intramural Schedule


Eligibility: All participants must be Radford University students. All participants must purchase the $10 Intramural Play Pass in order to be entered into the League, and be eligible for participation. The Intramural Play Pass is a $10 semester pass allowing students to participate in any Radford University Intramural Sports league, tournament, activity or event for the entire semester. Participants participating illegally will be removed from the entire league/tournament, and may face further disciplinary action, up to and including suspension from intramural sports. 

Fall 2022 Events Registration Begins Registration Closes  League/Tournament Begins Playoffs Begin
Ping-Pong League  August 7  September 2 (12am) September 5  September 19
3v3 Outdoor Basketball League  August 7 September 2 (12am) September 6 September 20
3v3 Beach Volleyball League August 7  September 2 (12am) September 6  September 20
7v7 Men's and Women's Flag Football League August 14 September 9 (12am) September 12 September 26
7v7 Men's and Women's Soccer League  August 14  September 9 (12am) September 13 September 27
5v5 Men's & Women's Basketball League  September 4  October 14  (12am) October 17 October 31
6v6 Indoor Soccer League September 4 October 14 (12am) October 18 November 1
6v6 Open Volleyball League  September 11  October 21 (12am) October 24  November 7
6v6 Dodgeball Tournament (Double Elimination) September 25  November 28 (12am) November 28 November  28
Bowling Tournament (Double Elimination) September 25  November 29 (12am) November 29  November 29
Billiards Tournament (Double Elimination) September 25 November 29 (12am) November 29 November 29