Trips and Programs

Outdoor Program trips are geared toward the beginner and intermediate participant.  Each of our trips is all inclusive.  We provide equipment and instruction, as well as cover the cost of food and travel.  Our trips are designed with you in mind.  We focus on teaching skills that you want to learn, foster an enjoyable experience based on the expectations and discussions we have in our pre-trip meeting, and provide a supportive environment to facilitate the experience. 

  • Trips vary in length.  Spceific logistical details will be discussed in your pre-trip meeting.  You should however, plan for a full day of adventure.  Trip locations are subject to change.
  • Trips leaving on Friday will leave as soon as possible.  During the pre-trip meeting a departure time will be agreed upon by the group to accommodate all participants class schedules.  
  • Our trips are open to non-student guests as well as faculty and staff. Individuals who are not enrolled at Radford University as a student must pay the list price when registering for a trip. All open enrolment trip participants must be at least 18 years of age or 16 with parental/ guardian consent. 
Spring 2019         
Program Date(s) Program Description Student Price List Price Register By
January 24 Skiing $35 $55 January 22
January 26 Skiing $35 $55 January 23
January 31 Skiing $35 $55 January 29
January 31- February 2 AMGA Climbing Wall Instructor Course $150 $325 January 24
February 2 Skiing $35 $55 January 30
February 6 Skiing $35 $55 February 4
February 7 Skiing $35 $55 February 5
February 8 Day Hike $10 $18 February 6
February 9 Skiing $35 $55 February 6
February 14 Skiing $35 $55 February 12
February 22 Caving $30 $50 February 19
February 29 Adventures for Change FREE FREE February 27
March 5 -15 Canoe the Buffalo River - Arkansas $350 $500 February 12
March 21 Day Hike $10 $18 March 19
March 21 Mountain Biking $30 $50 March 18
March 22 Horseback Trail Ride $35 $55 March 19
March 27-29 Backpacking $45 $75 March 25
March 29 Canoeing $35 $60 March 25
April 4 Rock Climbing  $30 $50 April 2
April 5 Caving $30 $50 April 2
April 5 Adventures for Change FREE FREE April 2
April 11 Paddle Boarding $35 $60 April 9
April 11-12 LNT Trainer Course $40 $75 April 8
April 17-19


$45 $75 April 15
April 18 Kayaking $35 $60 April 16
April 19 Mountain Biking $30 $50 April 16
April 24-25 Skydiving $220 $275 April 22
April 25 Rock Climbing  $30 $50 April 23
April 25 Adventures for Change FREE FREE April 23
April 26 Paddle Board YOGA $10 $18 April 23
April 26 Horseback Trail Ride $35 $55 April 23
April 26 Kayaking $35 $60 April 23
May 16-17 ACA Swiftwater Rescue Course $100 $200 MAy 12

Payment Options

Outdoor Programs accepts cash, check, credit card, and RU Express.  You may also register for your adventure online by visiting our trip registration page.  If registering online, student discounted rates will be displayed once you have logged in to your Radford University account.  You can also stop by the Outdoor Programs office located in the Recreation and Wellness Center 10:00 am – 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday to pay for the trip.   


Participants enrolled in a trip or clinic may transfer or withdraw with a full refund if advanced notice is provided (5 business days prior to the program start date). Transfers or withdrawals within 7 days, but before 2 business days of the program's start date will only be issued a trip credit*.  Within two business days of the program start date all fees paid will be forfeited. 

*Trip credit- fees available on your Outdoor Programs account that you are able to use at a later date to register for a trip or rent equipment. 

Trips and clinics may be cancelled if minimum registration numbers are not obtained prior to the start date. In this case a full refund will be issued. If classes are cancelled by Radford University, or the university is closed due to inclement weather the program may be canceled and a full refund will be granted.  However, this is not always the case; so please watch for correspondence from your Trip Leader.  All refunds will be issued via official check to the address on file with the university.  The only exception being employees of the university; employees will receive refund checks via direct deposit to the account on file.