Climbing Wall Rules

  1. All climbers must check in with proper ID (student ID or driver's license) and climbing wall pass. These must be presented to a climbing wall pass. These must be presented to a climbing wall monitor on duty prior to climbing or bouldering.
  2. All climbers must have a signed "Release of Liability" on file.
  3. Secure fitting, closed-toed shoes must be worn on the climbing wall. Crocs, toe shoes and closed-toe sandals are prohibited.
  4. Boulderers may not climb above the designated bouldering height without being tied in. Spotting is highly encouraged.
  5. Boulderers will not climb underneath a climber at any time.
  6. Only top-roped climbing is allowed unless otherwise permitted by the climbing wall monitor. No ascending, transfers, etc. without approval and proper supervision.
  7. Inform a climbing wall monitor of loose holds.
  8. No food or drinks are allowed in the Climbing Wall area (blue carpeted area).
  9. Decisions made by the supervisor or monitor are final and must be followed without hesitation. Failure to follow these decisions may jeopardize your Climbing Wall privileges.
  10. All belayers must pass the skills proficiency test and possess a current belay card. The use of ground anchors is highly encouraged.
  11. The use of personal technical climbing equipment is prohibited. Personal UIAA / CE approved harnesses are allowed subject to Climbing Wall monitor approval.
  12. Ropes must be attached to harnesses using a figure 8 follow through knot with an appropriate tail.
  13. All injuries and/or incidents must be reported to the Climbing Wall monitor.
  14. No loose chalk, only chalk balls are allowed on the Climbing Wall.
  15. Climb at your own risk.