The Outdoor Program relies on the instruction of safe and competent outdoor leaders. Our leaders come from all walks of life with a vast array of backgrounds, talents, and experience. We seek individuals who are compassionate, sensitive, self-driven, display common sense, love the outdoors, and have a sense of humor to join our staff.  While prior outdoor experience is favorable, it is not a prerequisite for hire.  The minimum requirements for hire are:

  • Valid Driver’s License
  • 18 years of age or older
  • Previous participation on an RU Outdoors Trip
  • Eligible for employment in the Commonwealth of Virginia
  • Ability to work within a group and independently
  • A desire to both learn and instruct outdoor skills
  • The ability to participate on a multitude of weekend trips and trainings as well as commit several hours a week to working in the Outdoor Programs office
  • Possess or ability to obtain First Aid and CPR certifications within the first semester of employment

If you are interested in working for Outdoor Programs please complete the application below and submit it to the Assistant Director of Outdoor Programs at aborak@radford.edu. Interviews are conducted biannually at the programs discretion.  You will receive a conformation email within 2 business days of receipt of your application.  You will be contacted to schedule an interview once your application has been reviewed.    

Outdoor Programs Position Description

If selected to join our staff you will begin the Leadership Development Program as an intern. The objective of the leadership program is to develop one's technical, leadership and interpersonal skills. Our leadership program is set up in a manner which allows for a smooth progression from your first semester on board as an intern to our highest student held position of senior trip leader. All staff members, regardless of position, are required to work scheduled hours in the Outdoor Program rental and trip registration office as well as the climbing wall. 

* RUoutdoorsApplication.pdf
Outdoor Programs Application

Intern- as an intern working for Outdoor Programs your job is to learn as much about our program as possible.  You will be volunteering your time working in the equipment rental and trip planning office as well as engaging with staff on program trips and staff trainings.  This is the entry level position with Outdoor Programs.  

Office Assistant- once you have satisfactorily completed your apprentice semester, you may be offered a position with Outdoor Programs.  The objective of this position is to continue your development as an outdoor leader.  In this stage you will begin the Leadership Development Program.  This program allows you to pick a track in one of our major disciplines (Backpacking, Rock Climbing, Mountain Biking, Caving, and Paddling) and begin learning both the technical and leadership skills necessary to facilitate these types of programs.  

Assistant Trip Leader- this position is gained by passing the initial phase of the Leadership Development Program.  The job of an Assistant Trip Leader is to assist in trip preparation as well as program implementation.  Assistant Trip Leaders work in conjunction with and under the supervision of a Trip Leader.  Assistant Trip Leaders are required to obtain a first aid and cpr certification, pass several written assessments, pass technical skill evaluations, and pass a practical field exam. 

Trip Leader- Trip Leaders have completed all components of the Leadership Development Program and are required to hold a Wilderness First Responder Certification.  Trip Leaders are capable of working autonomously or in conjunction with an Assistant Trip Leader.  The role of the Trip leader is to plan and implement all components of a program.  Prior to certification, a Trip Leader has to have worked a minimum of two trips as an Assistant Trip Leader, passed additional technical skill evaluations, and demonstrated competency during a practical field exam.