For Sudent Recreation and Wellness and Student Outdoor Recreation Complex facility reservations questions and inquiries please contact the Department of Student Recreation & Wellness, Kim Aspelmeier at 831-5297.

For Radford After Dark or late night socials, submit a request to Kim Aspelmeier by email at

Guidelines and procedures

Space Reservation Guidelines

These guidelines pertain to requests to reserve space by student clubs and organizations, campus departments, and non-university groups that are eligible for scheduling through the Department of Student Recreation and Wellness.  These spaces include:  Student Recreation and Wellness Center (SRWC), Student Outdoor Recreation Complex (SORC), Peters Hall Climbing Wall, and Peters Hall Gymnasium (after scheduled academic times).

Scheduling Activities/Reserving Space on Campus


For the purpose of space reservations, the following definitions will apply:

·         Reservation Request:  A request to reserve space for a specific date, time and facility for an activity or event.

·         Tentative Hold:  A reservation request that has been submitted, but has not been accepted and confirmed due to a lack of necessary information needed to complete and confirm the reservation.  A hold will remain in place until 3 weeks in advance of the requested date or until another reservation request is submitted for the same date, time and facility.  In such cases, the original group will be given one week to confirm or release the date.

·         Confirmed Reservation:  A reservation request that has been submitted with the necessary information (see reserving facilities below), and is confirmed in writing by the Information and Event Planning office via e-mail sent to the person who submitted the reservation request.

·         Ticketed Events: Events that require the purchase of  tickets that are sponsored by university funded student organizations and departments; are required to use the official ticket service offered by the Information and Event Planning Office/Bondurant Reservations Office.  All proceeds from ticket sells must be deposited into a university account.

Reservation Priorities

The following priorities apply to groups requesting to reserve space administered by the Department of Recreation and Wellness.

An announcement for the Priority Scheduling Dates will be posted on the RU Involved website the third Tuesday in March and sent out as a message to all registered student organizations via RU Involved.

Reservation requests must be submitted on or after the established dates for respective groups noted below.  No reservation requests will be accepted prior to the established dates.

Priority Scheduling Requests

1.     Student Recreation and Wellness Internal Programs - top priority 

  • Intramurals
  • Sports Clubs
  • Fitness/Wellness
  • Outdoor/Programing
  • Non-Credit Instruction/Summer Camps
  • Open Recreation
  • Athletics

2.    Senior Administration

  • President and Vice President sponsored events
  • Campus-wide and major events authorized by Senior Administration

3.    Enrollment-Related or Campus Wide Events (to include but is not limited to Admissions Open Houses, Quest, Highlander Days, Freshman Move-In, Family Weekend, Alumni Weekend, Highlander Festival, University Performance Series, CDI Program Series, BE S.E.E.N. Weeks, McGlothlin Awards, History Day, Martin Luther King Celebration, Student Awards Ceremony and similar, major campus-wide events)

  1. Student Organizations Responsible for Campus Wide Programming  and who are fully funded by the Student Finance Committee.
    • Student Government Association
    • R-SPaCE
    • DAP Board
    • BSA
    • ISAC
    • Student Media
    • AEC
    • Peer Health Educators

        2.  Registered Student Clubs and Organizations

        3.  Greater campus community, (academic affairs, business affairs, student affairs)

Priority Scheduling Request Periods

The first date that requests for reservations can be received are outlined below for each priority group as noted above.

1.       Open scheduling

·         Senior Administration, Enrollment-Related or Campus Wide Events.  

·         Student Organizations fully funded by the Student Finance Committee

2.       Registered Student Clubs and Organizations

·         For Fall semester:  First Tuesday in April.
                                 **Reservation Request will be confirmed not later than the second week of the Fall semester and will begin the third week.

·         For Spring semester:  First Tuesday in November
                                **Reservations requests will be confirmed the first week of the Spring semester and will begin the second week.  

3.       Greater Campus Community (academic affairs, business affairs, student affairs)

·         For Fall Semester:  Second Tuesday in April.

·         For Spring Semester:  Second Tuesday in  November

4.       Conference services reservations will be determined on an event basis. 

Reserving Facilities/Spaces

University Affiliated Organizations/Departments

For reservations contact the Assistant Director of Facilities and Operations via phone or email at 540-831-5297 or or stop by the office located on the first floor of the Student Recreation and Wellness Center between the hours of  9 a.m. to 4 p.m.  Reservation requests are taken on a first come, first serve basis.  The following information is necessary to schedule an activity/event.


Event title  

Event time/beginning and ending    

Type of activity  

Estimated Attendance

Thess Assistant Director of Facilities and Operations will email or provide the appropriate reservation form to complete.

Facilities will not be available for reservations during the following times and are subject to change at the discretion of university officials.  Go to the university academic calendar at to determine annual dates:

Winter Break 

Memorial Day

July 4th

Non-University Affiliated Organizations/Groups:

For Student Recreation and Wellness Center (SRWC) or Student Outdoor Recreation Complex (SORC) reservations, contact the Assistant Director for Facilities and operations at 540-831-5297.

For reservations contact for mulitple venues at Radford University contact Conference Services at 831-5800.


General Use Guidelines for Socials and Events

  • Alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs are prohibited.
  • All tobacco use is prohibited in the building and 25 feet from all entrances of the building.
  • Signage/Fliers:  Signs/fliers can NOT be attached to walls, doors, windows, ceilings, floors, furnishings, and other areas not designated for this purpose.  Assist. Dir. Of Operations approval must be obtained on all signage used for an event prior to scheduled date.
  • Return the reserved room to its original setting upon completion of event.
  • All trash must be picked up and put in the trash room of Student Recreation and Wellness Center and Peters Hall.  
  • Pets are prohibited.
  • Catering—please make arrangements to have catering picked up immediately following event.
  • No admittance to other areas of Student Recreation and Wellness Center after building closes for program set-up. No admittance to Peters Hall A-wing before, during or after events.
  • Each group is responsible for monitoring crowd (i.e., no alcoholic beverages, foul language, fighting, pets, etc.).
  • If event is canceled because of inclement weather or any other reason, please contact Student Recreation and Wellness Center Assistant Director of Operations at 831-5297 or manager at 831-7164.
  • Please strive to schedule all events during normal Student Recreation and Wellness Center operational hours.  Hours can be viewed online

Multipurpose Activity Court (MAC) and Peters Hall Reservation Guidelines

  • General Use Policies apply to the MAC Court and Peters Hall gymnasium.
  • Academic scheduling has priority for Peters Hall gymnasium.
  • Reservations request may be made:
  1. Minimum 5 days prior to event date for activity/athletic event.
  2. Minimum 10 days prior to event date for non-activity/athletic event.
  3. Minimum 21 days prior to event date for closed/open social or after hour events.
  • Non-activity/athletic events may require the court being covered and will be determined by facility manager.
  • Closed/open social or after hours events will need to obtain waivers and security request form.  All Student Activity Policies will be observed in Student Recreation and Wellness and Peters Hall.
  • Events in Peters Hall will require housekeeping staff presents for the duration of the event and 30 minutes after.  A Facilities request will have to be submitted.
  • Flammable liquids are prohibited.
  • Confetti and/or glitter are prohibited.
  • No dried vegetation may be used. (e.g. hay, bamboo, tree limbs, straw, leaves, etc.)
  • Decorations may not hang from ceiling.
  • No helium filled balloons are permitted in the multipurpose activity court.
  • Fire alarms must remain free of decorations.
  • All lights are prohibited from being turned off during event. Facility Manager reserves the right to approve alternate lighting.

This request for space is confirmed ONLY when an approved copy is returned to the applicant.  The Facility Manager or his/her designee reserves the right to make exceptions to all or any part of the policy when warranted.