Outdoor Recreation Complex Guidelines

  • Radford University student, faculty and staff ID is required to use the facility.
  • Recreation & Wellness staff will be present during open recreation hours.
  • Climbing any perimeter fence constitutes trespassing.  Gate will be opened by Recreation & Wellness Staff during open recreation and/or reserved activity times.
  • Lights will be on during scheduled recreation hours after dusk and turn off at closing.
  • Should field and weather conditions be an issue, contact the Student Recreation and Wellness Center at 831-7164 for updated information.
  • Recreation & Wellness staff have the authority to cancel any activity due to turf field and/or weather conditions.
  • Shoes and Shirts should be worn will on the fields or on the basketball courts.  
  • Throwing, kicking or hitting balls against the fence or netting is prohibited.
  • The following are not permitted in the outdoor facility:
        Pets (except for service animals)
        Motorized vehicles, other than Radford University service vehicles
        Metal cleats
        Skateboards and inline skates
        Golf Equipment
        Archery Equipment
        Glass containers
        Staking or Digging   
        Water Balloon, confetti, glitter
  • Sunflower seeds, chewing gum, and spitting are prohibited in the complex.
  • Food is not permitted on the turf surface.
  • Alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, and drugs are prohibited.
  • Profanity and abusive language are prohibited.
  • Marking/lining the turf will be approved and completed by the Recreation & Wellness Staff.
  • Under lightning conditions, activity outdoors is not to resume until at least 30 minutes after seeing or hearing last lightning or hearing the last thunder.
  • All posted guidelines and decisions made by Recreation & Wellness Staff must be followed to insure the safe and effective operation of the outdoor facility.
  • Recreation & Wellness staff have the authority to cancel events and the option to contact Radford University Police Department for assistance.


Scheduling the Student Outdoor Recreation Complex

  • Priority scheduling is given to Intramural programs and Sport Clubs
  • Open recreation hours will be prior to intramural and sport clubs.  
  • Reservation requests:  Contact Kim Aspelmeier at kjaspelme@radford.edu or 831-5297
  1. It is recommended that groups wanting to use the Student Outdoor Recreation Complex should submit their request in writing via email.  SORC scheduling priority is Intramural programming, Sports Clubs, Athletics, open recreation and events.  Once it is determined that the facility is available an event planning meeting is held to discuss the details of the event with the SRW event supervisors, Assistant Director of Facilities and Operations and group requesting the space. Confirmation of the request will be made once the requirements of the event are completed.
  2. Groups reserving facility space for activities/events are responsible for the conduct and actions of those associated with and participating in the activities/event including all spectators, team members, and opponents.  Any damage to the facility and/or equipment or violations of policies is the responsibility of the group reserving the space and must be reported immediately.  The reserving party is also responsible for any charges associated with the damages at the discretion of the Department of Student Recreation and Wellness.