Student Outdoor Recreation Complex

The Department of Student Recreation & Wellness operates several outdoor venues to assist with our various programming needs. 

The department operates 1 softball field and 3 multipurpose fields (flag football, rugby) located at the Dedmon Athletic complex.  

Student Outdoor Recreation Complex

This outdoor complex includes a 162,000 square foot turf field.  This field can be configured to one collegiate sized soccer, lacrosse, or football field; three intramural soccer fields; four intramural flag football fields; or many youth sized soccer fields.  The turf fields will be for scheduled intramurals and sports clubs practices and will be available for open recreation when the schedule and staffing permits.                                                                                           
The complex also includes two sand volleyball courts and an outdoor basketball court. The volleyball and basketball courts will be for pick-up games along with intramural tournaments and leagues.  This portion of the facility will close for the season in early November and will reopen after spring break in March, weather permitting.

The Student Outdoor Recreation complex is located at 309 East Main Street between Burlington St. and Whitehall St. off of Main St.  It is approximately 4 blocks east of the main campus.

For daily information about the Student Outdoor Recreation complex, contact the Student Recreation and Wellness center at 540-831-7164.