Graduate Managers Report

Use the form below to note any incidents, events, problems, or frustrations that occur during your shift for each of the following categories.

Facility and Ops Staff
Record employees that were no shows or tardy.

Fit/Well Staff
Record employees that were no show or tardy.  Includes fitness attendents, fitness instructors, fitness specialists (strength) and personal trainers.


Record groups that did not show, stayed too long, showed up early etc.


Accident/Incident Reports
Record any accidents/incidents that required notification of campus police.


Security Check
No students should be in SRWC during non-operational hours.
Staff in building before opening:


Staff remaining in building:


Lost & Found
(IDs, cell phones, key's, jewelry, headphones, etc.)


Name, phone number of person reporting lost items:


Housekeeping/Maintenance Issues




Closing duties checklist (refer to Managers manual, located in the office, for details.)

 Building Storage
 Conference Room
 Laundry Room
 Laundry/Shirts Complete
 Fitness Attendant: Tablet & Keys
 Peters Hall: Keys
 SORC: Tablet & Keys
 Supervisor: Tablet & Keys
 RUO Entrance Sign
 Entrance Stairwell Locked
 Technology M117-Shut down
 Technology M109 - Shut down
 Technology M106 - Shut down
 Technology 124 - Shut down

Security check
The facility is unoccupied, front and side exterior doors, and offices doors are closed and locked. If any staff members remain on the premises after hours, list their names above.