Student Recreation and Wellness Policies


Please notify the Assistan Director of Facilities and Operations of any room/space reservation cancellation, as soon as possible. A minimum of 48 hours is required for cancellation notices.  Failure to comply could result in loss of reservation privileges.

Candle Use

Candles are not permitted in campus facilities; this includes both burning and non-burning candles. Battery operated candles are permitted. 

Dress code requirements

  • Student Government Association modified the extisting dress code requires to include tank tops, athletic muscle tanks, and sleeveless shirts. The SGA and Department of Student Recreation & Wellness requires that all of our patrons adhere to a dress code for personal hygiene, health, and safety. The dress code will be displayed on signs in the Student Recreation & Wellness Center and our web pages. It is important for patrons and RU Student Recreation & Wellness staff to have requirements that are uniformly enforceable.

The dress code is as follows:

  •    Full-length short sleeved T-Shirt: non-modified sleeves, armpits, or collars.  
  •    Athletic muscle tank tops.
  •    Sleeveless shirts
  •    Athletic pants/shorts.
  •    Athletic, non-marking shoes.

Full short-sleeved t-shirt requirement rationale:

  • Shirts should cover full chest and back to aid in preventing MRSA, ringworm, impetigo, etc. contact from exposed skin. Patrons should also disinfect equipment after use to minimize exposure risks.
  • Research and surveys indicate that people are reluctant to begin an exercise program in uninviting facilities/environment. RU Student Recreation & Wellness operates under a philosophy of creating a comfortable environment for all its members. Healthy active lifestyles come in a variety of shapes and sizes, not a specific image.
  • Altered T-shirts (tank tops, midriffs) allows sweat and moisture to penetrate equipment and upholstery causing damage and increasing cleaning/maintenance efforts. 

Athletic shorts/pants rationale:

  • Pants or shorts with belts, studs, buttons, rivets, or zippers can tear upholstery on the equipment.
  • Jeans and khakis are not permitted as they often have buttons, rivets, studs, or zippers which can tear or puncture upholstery. Jeans also do not let the body properly ventilate and can restrict normal movement patterns.

Athletic, non-marking shoes rationale:

  • Sandals, flip-flop, and other open toes shoes are not permitted.
  • 5-finger shoes are permitted.
  • Shoes protect the feet from equipment that may be dropped accidentally.
  • Wearing athletic shoes prevents slipping and provide support to the foot.
  • Shoes provide a protective barrier from injury and germs.
  • Backless shoes can slip off and shoes that do not cover the forefoot do not protect the entire foot from injury. 

RU Student Recreation and Wellness staff decisions pertaining to appropriate attire is final.


  • Patrons are required to pick-up after themselves, discard trash, and remove personal items.
  • All patrons are required to wipe down cardio and weight room equipment after each use.  Towels and disinfecting spray are available for use.
  • Report damaged equipment, unsafe exercise, or bathroom conditions immediately to a Student Recreation and Wellness Center staff.
  • Report injuries immediately to the Student Recreation and Wellness Center staff.
  • Intermittent clean-up will occur during operation to provide a safe/sanitary environment.

Equipment (i.e. furniture, electronic equipment)

Equipment reservations should be made when reserving space and equipment must remain in designated meeting/office and lounge space. Also, equipment will not be loaned for use at outside or off campus locations. Tables and PA on the Student Recreation and Wellness Center plaza will be permitted when reserved through the Assistant Director of Facilities and Operations office. Equipment care is the responsibility of the reserving party. Damaged equipment may be assessed to the reserving party. Equipment for use outside the Department of Student Recreation and Wellness center facilities may be reserved through facilities management for a fee, (540) 831-7800.

No amplified sound is allowed earlier than 5 p.m., during outdoor events, without prior approval from the office of the Assistant Director of Student Recreation and Wellness.

Event Decorating Policy

  • Flammable liquids are prohibited. (i.e. oil lanterns, spray paint)
  • Helium tanks and balloons are NOT permitted in the Student Recreation and Wellness Center or Peters Hall gymnasium..
  • Decorations may not hang from ceilings, rafters, or light fixtures..
  • Windows cannot be blocked or covered without approval from the Office of the Assistant Director of Facilities and Operations.
  • Smoke detectors and Exit signs must remain free of material/decorations.
  • Heating units may not be blocked, covered or decorated.
  • All surfaces, to include doors and walls, are limited to 10% coverage.
  • No tacks, nails or screws of any kind can be utilized.
  • No duct, packing, scotch or electrical tape can be utilized.  Blue low adhesive painters tape is allowed.
  • No dried vegetation may be used (includes hay, bamboo, dead trees, straw, leaves, etc.).
  • Live potted plants and artificial plants are permitted.
  • Small strand lights are permitted.
  • Light strands utilized as an extension cord is prohibited.
  • One hundred lights are the allowable limit.
  • The "UL" tag must remain attached to the cord.
  • Lights atop other materials/decorations are prohibited.
  • Confetti and/or glitter are prohibited.
  • Exit pathways must be four feet wide must remain clear.


Facility Rates

SRWC Rooms External Rental Rate
  Base/Additional hour
Multipurpose Activity Court (MAC) $75/$45
3-Court Gymnasium $250/$100
1-court  $575/$45
Small Studio $25/$15
Large Studio $30/$20
Track $50/$25
Classroom $30/$20
Room 043 $150
Student Outdoor Recreation Complex External Rental Rate
Complex $150/$75
Competition Field $100/$55
Indivdual Field $70/$40
Basketball $25/$15
Sand Volleyball $25/$15
Lighting $20/hour
Supervisor $10/hour

For more information on Daily rates, internal rates and student rates contact the Assistant Director of Facilities and Operations.

Guest Policy

Radford University students currently enrolled with a valid RUID may sponsor guests at the Student Recreation and Wellness Center following the guidelines and procedures below:

  • Guest pass fees are $5.00 per day or $10.00 per weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) 
  • A student may sponsor up to 3 guests per day/weekend and is limited to 12 passes per academic year.
  • Guests must be 18 years of age and older or accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.  
  • Guests 16 years and older must present a valid picture ID.
  • Guests must pay the appropriate guest fee prior to entrance to the SRWC at the service desk.
  • Each guest must sign an Informed Constent Agreement before entering the SRWC.
  • The guest pass must be used on the day purchased or the consecutive weekend days.
  • Guests must present the receipt to the service desk attendant when entering the facility.
  • Sponsors must accompany their guest in the facility and guest must enter and exit facility with sponsor.
  • All guidelines and policies must be be followed by the guest.  
  • Unacceptable behavior may result in immediate revocation of the guest pass and revocation of guest privileges.
  • Staff of the Student Recreation and Wellness Center reserve the right to refuse to admit a guest.
  • Guest may not check out equipment.

Guest passes include the following activities and services while accompanied by their sponsor: 

  • Facility Access
  • Locker room and shower access
  • Open Recreation activities
  • Group X class - sign up at the start of class


Radford University Dining Services is the exclusive caterer for Radford University. Dining services reserves the right to decline any food service requests. Requests for waivers to use off campus food vendors may be made to Radford University Dining Services. Food purchases under $150 are not subject to a waiver. Reservation requests should reflect catering needs when reserving space as there are certain restrictions when reserving the MAC court in the Student Recreation and Wellness Center and the gymnasium in Peters Hall. The university Food and Beverage Policy applies to all departments, offices, organizations, and persons that intend to provide food, beverages, and any reelated serves at the University expense.  Events providing food and beverage must submit a food and beverage form.  It is the responsibility of the club or organization to make arrangements with Radford University Dining Services.

Identification Cards

Members of the university community must present a valid Radford University identification card to gain acesss to the facilities operated by the Department of Student Recreation and Wellness and carry, or display, upon request, a valid Radford University identification card while on the premises of facilities.

Non university, affiliated persons, utilizing the Department of Student Recreation and Wellness facilities, must present, upon request, some type of valid, photo identification. Failure to comply with this regulation could result in immediate removal from the facility.

Inclement Weather Policy/Reservations

The inclement weather policy is enacted with a priority on student employee and professional staff  safety; as well as the safety of the Radford University community.  The following are guidelines and may be adjusted at the discretion of university officials in the event of inclement weather.

Facilities and Reservation
For information relating to hours of operations during weather events patrons can call 831-7164 for hours of operation.

All reservations scheduled in the Department of Student Recreation and Wellness (intramurals, group X classes, sports club practice, reservations) will be   considered “cancelled” when the university closes due to inclement weather.

It is the responsibility of the sponsoring organization to contact the Assistant Director of Facilities and Operations if an EVENT scheduled during an inclement weather closing is not cancelled.  The staff will make every effort to accommodate the request; however, it is not a guarantee based on safety and resources available but the event may have to continue with a reduced staff.

If the university is operating under a closure; the Department of Student Recreation and Wellness will work to have the center open from 12:00pm (noon) to 9:00pm. Other Student Recreation and Wellness facilities will remain closed.   If the Student Recreation and Wellness operations staff determines it is safe to open before 12:00pm (noon) or after 9:00pm; the staff will render a decision on a “weather event” basis.

If the university is operating on a late opening schedule; the Student Recreation and Wellness Center will open at the time the university opens; and will return to normal operating hours.

If the university is operating on an early closing schedule, reservations will be cancelled, and Peters Hall will close when the university closes.  Student Recreation and Wellness Center operating hours will be determined by the severity of the weather event.

If an inclement weather event occurs outside of normal university operating hours, (i.e. weekdays after 11:00pm or weekends), operating hours will be determined by the weather event however; the following schedule will be the norm:

     Weekdays after 7pm:  

        Peters Hall:   the facility will close at 7:30pm and all practices will be cancelled.       

        Student Recreation Center:  if possible, the Student Recreation and Wellness Center will remain open until 9:00pm 


        Student Recreation and Wellness Center:  the facility will open but with reduced hours typically 12:00pm (noon) to 9:00pm.  If an event is not cancelled           during a weather event staffing could be reduced with minimal coverage. 

Key Check-Out for Organizational Offices/SRWC and SORC

The student requesting the key must provide the service desk attendant with a valid RU I.D. that can be scanned.  The student must be identified as, “eligible”, through an official organization roster. The RU I.D. will be scanned upon key return. Costs associated with the loss or damage of a key, may be assessed to an individual or an organization.


The Department of Student Recreation and Wellness is not responsible for ANY damage, loss or theft. This includes, but is not limited to, personal items, vendor sale items, or display items.

Lost and Found Service

The SRWC lost and found is located at the service desk. To claim an item, the owner must provide picture identification and a description of the item. Lost items will remain secure with the service until the end of the semester in which the lost item was registered. Summer session items will remain secure with the service until the end of Summer Session III.

The all campus lost and found service is located at the information office in the Hurlburt Student Center.


The intent of this guideline is to respect the rights and privacy of our members and guests by preventing the use of their likeness and/or voice on a video, audio, photographic, digital, electronic, or any other medium without their consent.

Academic Access may be granted for the use of photographs and video footage recorded and replicated for class projects with prior approval.  Contact the Assistant Director for Facilities and Operations by email to request access for photography and videography.  Included the following information in the email:  1)  Course name and number, 2)  name of instructor,  3)  what is the project and the purpose, 4)  how will the information be used.

Personal photography and videography taken informally of self, friends, and /or family is permitted.

Approved individuals and patrons MUST NOT engage in activities that may be a risk to themselves or patrons, interrupt the experience of any patron, take any photos or video in the locker rooms, restrooms or personal areas. 

Taking photos and video of patrons without their consent is prohibited and is cause for immediate removal from the facilities and possible university sanctions.

Public Viewing of Movies

It is against federal law and university policies for organizations to show any kind of movie or documentary without following proper licensing procedures.

Space Reservation Guidelines

These guidelines pertain to requests to reserve space by student clubs and organizations, campus departments, and non-university groups that are eligible for scheduling through the Department of Student Recreation and Wellness.  These spaces include:  Student Recreation and Wellness Center (SRWC), Student Outdoor Recreation Complex (SORC), Peters Hall Climbing Wall, and Peters Hall Gymnasium (after scheduled academic times).

Scheduling Activities/Reserving Space on Campus


For the purpose of space reservations, the following definitions will apply:

·         Reservation Request:  A request to reserve space for a specific date, time and facility for an activity or event.

·         Tentative Hold:  A reservation request that has been submitted, but has not been accepted and confirmed due to a lack of necessary information needed to complete and confirm the reservation.  A hold will remain in place until 3 weeks in advance of the requested date or until another reservation request is submitted for the same date, time and facility.  In such cases, the original group will be given one week to confirm or release the date.

·         Confirmed Reservation:  A reservation request that has been submitted with the necessary information (see reserving facilities below), and is confirmed in writing by the Information and Event Planning office via e-mail sent to the person who submitted the reservation request.

·         Ticketed Events: Events that require the purchase of  tickets that are sponsored by university funded student organizations and departments; are required to use the official ticket service offered by the Information and Event Planning Office/Bondurant Reservations Office.  All proceeds from ticket sells must be deposited into a university account.

Reservation Priorities

The following priorities apply to groups requesting to reserve space administered by the Department of Recreation and Wellness.

An announcement for the Priority Scheduling Dates will be posted on the RU Involved website the third Tuesday in March and sent out as a message to all registered student organizations via RU Involved.

Reservation requests must be submitted on or after the established dates for respective groups noted below.  No reservation requests will be accepted prior to the established dates.

Priority Scheduling Requests

1.     Student Recreation and Wellness Internal Programs - top priority 

  • Intramurals
  • Sports Clubs
  • Fitness/Wellness
  • Outdoor/Programing
  • Non-Credit Instruction/Summer Camps
  • Open Recreation
  • Athletics

2.    Senior Administration

  • President and Vice President sponsored events
  • Campus-wide and major events authorized by Senior Administration

3.    Enrollment-Related or Campus Wide Events (to include but is not limited to Admissions Open Houses, Quest, Highlander Days, Freshman Move-In, Family Weekend, Alumni Weekend, Highlander Festival, University Performance Series, CDI Program Series, BE S.E.E.N. Weeks, McGlothlin Awards, History Day, Martin Luther King Celebration, Student Awards Ceremony and similar, major campus-wide events)

  1. Student Organizations Responsible for Campus Wide Programming  and who are fully funded by the Student Finance Committee.
    • Student Government Association
    • R-SPaCE
    • DAP Board
    • BSA
    • ISAC
    • Student Media
    • AEC
    • Peer Health Educatorn

        2.  Registered Student Clubs and Organizations

        3.  Greater campus community, (academic affairs, business affairs, student affairs)

Priority Scheduling Request Periods

The first date that requests for reservations can be received are outlined below for each priority group as noted above.

1.       Open scheduling

·         Senior Administration, Enrollment-Related or Campus Wide Events.  

·         Student Organizations fully funded by the Student Finance Committee

2.       Registered Student Clubs and Organizations

·         For Fall semester:  First Tuesday in April.
                                 **Reservation Request will be confirmed not later than the second week of the Fall semester and will begin the third week.

·         For Spring semester:  First Tuesday in November
                                **Reservations requests will be confirmed the first week of the Spring semester and will begin the second week.  

3.       Greater Campus Community (academic affairs, business affairs, student affairs)

·         For Fall Semester:  Second Tuesday in April.

·         For Spring Semester:  Second Tuesday in  November

4.       Conference services reservations will be determined on an event basis. 

Reserving Facilities/Spaces

University Affiliated Organizations/Departments

For reservations contact the Assistant Director of Facilities and Operations via phone or email at 540-831-5297 or or stop by the office located on the first floor of the Student Recreation and Wellness Center between the hours of  9 a.m. to 4 p.m.  Reservation requests are taken on a first come, first serve basis.  The following information is necessary to schedule an activity.



Event title 

Event time/beginning and ending    

Type of activity  

Estimated Attendance

The Assistant Director of Facilities and Operations will email or provide the appropriate reservation form to complete.

Facilities will not be available for reservations during the following times and are subject to change at the discretion of university officials.  Go to the university academic calendar at to determine annual dates:

Winter Break 

Memorial Day

July 4th

Non-University Affiliated Organizations/Groups:

For Student Recreation and Wellness Center (SRWC) or Student Outdoor Recreation Complex (SORC) reservations, contact the Assistant Director for Facilities and operations at 540-831-5297.

Reservations for mulitple venues at Radford University contact Conference Services at 831-5800.



Radford University Police Officers will be required to provide security at specific events. Metal detection will be required at events as deemed necessary by Radford University Police. Private security will be required when the use of metal detection is necessary. The Student Finance Council will cover security costs for Radford University Police. The event sponsor is responsible for any fees associated with the cost of private security. The Club Programming Committee can approve funding for private security when appropriate.


The Department of Student Recreation and Wellness does not permit smoking or use of other tobacco products in the facilities (SRWC, SORC, and Peters Hall).

Smoking is permitted 25 feet from the facility.

Social Events and Functions:  Guidelines

1.      A social event or function will be defined as any activity that encourages or enhances social interaction.  It may involve, but is not limited to, music for dancing, music for listening or gaming.

2.      The following guidelines apply to all university facilities that are available to host social events or functions.  Including, but not limited to, Hurlburt Student Center, Heth Hall, Student Recreation and Wellness, Muse Banquet Room, Peters Gym and Ken Bondurant Auditorium.  If facility specific regulations are associated with the aforementioned spaces; those regulations will not supersede guidelines but should be considered additions to  guidelines.   

3.      A social event or function can be sponsored by any Radford University registered student club/organization that is in good standing with the university or a university department.

4.      The student club/organization/department sponsoring the social event or function is responsible for managing the event.

5.      A social event or function will conclude no later than 1:30am without prior approval from the appropriate university designee; and will not be considered in some university venues.  

6.      The number of participants who can attend a social event or function will be determined by the safe occupancy maximum for the venue and for security/safety concerns.  Event sponsors must adhere to posted occupancy maximums.

7.      An estimated attendance for the event must be determined by the student club/organization/department.  The estimation should be relayed to the assistant director of facilities and operations when scheduling a social event or function.

8.      Attendance at social events or functions is restricted to Radford University students their guests, RU faculty/staff and their dependents.  A valid Radford University I.D. must be presented to gain entrance to a social event or function.

9.      RU students, faculty and staff are eligible to bring up to 2 guests to a social event or function.  Guests must present a valid photo I.D. to gain admittance; and the sponsoring Radford University student or faculty/staff will be held accountable for the behavior of their guests. Guests must sign in and identify the RU affiliated sponsor.  The student club organization/department must maintain sign in sheets for guests and insure compliance with guest regulations.

10.  The student club/organization/department’s staff/faculty advisor or a professional staff member must be present for the event in its entirety.  The event will be cancelled if the advisor or professional staff member is not present and all charges associated with the event will be charged to the student club or organization/department.

11.  Radford University Police, in conjunction with the Department of Student Recreation and Wellness, will determine, on an event basis, the number of personnel and type of security measures (including private security for metal detection, pat downs, etc.) necessary to insure safety at a social event or function. If additional security measures are required, the Assistant Director of Facilities and Operations will notify the student club/organization or department prior to the major activity as to the security requirements.

12.  Radford University Police, in conjunction with the Department of Student Recreation and Wellness, reserve the right to conclude any social event or function if deemed appropriate due to safety concerns; or is in the best interest of Radford University and event participants.

13.  The cost for Radford University police (RUPD) to provide security at a student club or organization social event or function will be incurred by the Student Finance Council. The cost for private security will be the responsibility of the student club or organization.  Departments are responsible for the funding of both RU Police and private security.

14.  At the conclusion of the event, the student club or organization/department will be responsible for clearing the venue with assistance from Radford University Police and facility staff.

15.  Student club or organization/department members will be required to wear a badge identifying them as “sponsor” that will be provided by the Department of Student Recreation and Wellness.

16.  Student club or organization/departments will be charged overtime for labor when the event surpasses the scheduled venue hours without prior approval for extended activity.

17.  Alcohol is not permitted, in any form, at campus events where students are in attendance.

18.  Radford University posting policies should be adhered when advertising a social function or event.

19.  Violations of these guidelines could result in the loss of university privileges.

20.  The Department of Student Recreation and Wellness designee reserves the right to make exceptions to all or any part of the above guidelines.


Solicitation by ANYONE is strictly prohibited.

Table Reservations, Student Recreation and wellness Center Plaza and Lobby


Any recognized club/organization and university department will be eligible to reserve space.

Space reservations must be made forty eight (48) hours in advance through the Assistant Director of Facilities and Operations by completing and submitting a single use reservation form.

One, (1), six (6) foot table and two (2) chairs will be the maximum table reservation.

Representatives must remain within the perimeter of the table.

Tables must remain in assigned space.

Tables made for the Plaza may not be located under the Student Recreation and Wellness Center over hang.

Department of Student Recreation and Wellness equipment is not available for reservation or use at tables.

No amplified sound is allowed.


Monies lost in vending machines may be recuperated at the Bonnie information office. Problems related to vending machines may be reported to the Bonnie information office.