Recreation and Wellness Center General Guidelines

  • Radford University Recreation and Wellness Center is open to Radford University students with a valid RU ID.
  • For safety reasons, personal items, bags and other items are to be stored in lockers or shelves only.  No bags or large items are allowed in fitness spaces.
  • The Recreation and Wellness center is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • Water is permitted in the main area of the fitness center in a sealable, plastic container.
  • Food is not permitted in the fitness spaces.
  • Stereo music is controlled by fitness center staff. Television sound can be heard over FM radio by tuning the dial to the set channel of the television.  Personal radios are not permitted without headphones.

Dress code requirements

  • The RU Department of Student Recreation & Wellness requires that all of our patrons adhere to a dress code for personal hygiene, health, and safety. The dress code will be displayed on signs in the Student Recreation & Wellness Center and our web pages. It is important for patrons and RU Student Recreation & Wellness staff to have requirements that are uniformly enforceable.

The dress code is as follows:

  •    Full-length short sleeved T-Shirt: non-modified sleeves, armpits, or collars.
  •    Cutoff t-shirts, cropped tanks, halter tops, sports bras (only) are not permitted.
  •    Athletic pants/shorts.
  •    Athletic, non-marking shoes.

Full short-sleeved t-shirt requirement rationale:

  • Shirts should cover full chest and back to aid in preventing MRSA, ringworm, impetigo, etc. contact from exposed skin. Patrons should also disinfect equipment after use to minimize exposure risks.
  • Research and surveys indicate that people are reluctant to begin an exercise program in uninviting facilities/environment. RU Student Recreation & Wellness operates under a philosophy of creating a comfortable environment for all its members. Healthy active lifestyles come in a variety of shapes and sizes, not a specific image.
  • Altered T-shirts (tank tops, midriffs) allows sweat and moisture to penetrate equipment and upholstery causing damage and increasing cleaning/maintenance efforts. 

Athletic shorts/pants rationale:

  • Pants or shorts with belts, studs, buttons, rivets, or zippers can tear upholstery on the equipment.
  • Jeans and khakis are not permitted as they often have buttons, rivets, studs, or zippers which can tear or puncture upholstery. Jeans also do not let the body properly ventilate and can restrict normal movement patterns.

Athletic, non-marking shoes rationale:

  • Sandals, flip-flop, and other open toes shoes are not permitted.
  • 5-finger shoes are permitted.
  • Shoes protect the feet from equipment that may be dropped accidentally.
  • Wearing athletic shoes prevents slipping and provide support to the foot.
  • Shoes provide a protective barrier from injury and germs.
  • Backless shoes can slip off and shoes that do not cover the forefoot do not protect the entire foot from injury. 

RU Student Recreation and Wellness staff decisions pertaining to appropriate attire is final.


  • Patrons are required to pick-up after themselves, discard trash, and remove personal items.
  • All patrons are required to wipe down cardio and weight room equipment after each use. Fitness wipes or paper towels and disinfecting spray are available for use.
  • Report damaged equipment, unsafe exercise, or bathroom conditions immediately to SRWC employee.
  • Report injuries immediately to the SRWC employee.
  • Intermittent clean-up will occur during operation to provide a safe/sanitary environment.

Guest policy

  • Radford University students currently enrolled with a valid RUID may sponsor guests at the Student Recreation and Wellness Center.

Misc. guidelines

  • Smoking and tobacco products are not permitted in the Recreation and Wellness Center.
  • The SRWC employees on duty are ultimately responsible for enforcing all rules, regulations, and procedures. If at any time a patron does not comply with the rules and/or the worker on duty, the patron will be asked to leave, and/or his/her fitness center privileges may be revoked from Recreation and Wellness Center.. 
  • The Manager on Duty has the right to seek the help of Campus Police whenever these situations occur.

Strength and fitness areas

  • All weight training should be performed in a controlled, safe manner.
  • Patrons should use extreme caution when lifting weights to avoid potential injury to themselves or others.
  • Use of equipment other than its designed function is prohibited.
  • Other patrons are allowed to “work in” between sets.
  • Return weights to the tree or rack.
  • Weights may not be set against the wall, mirror, benches or other equipment.
  • Weights or dumbbells may not be dropped on the floor or benches.

Cardiovascular areas

  • During busy times or whenever someone is waiting for a cardio machine, observe the 30-minute time limit on all cardio equipment. (Might be able to control time of the machines PreCor)
  • Wipe down equipment after each use.

Gymnasium and MAC court

  • Racquetball Courts
    • Protective eyewear must be worn on the court.  Available at equipment check-out.
    • Use of these courts is for their intended purpose.
  • Group X
    • Appropriate attire required at all times.
    • Return all equipment to storage areas.
    • Wipe down mats and other equipment as needed.
    • Only non-marking soled shoes allowed.