Student Employment

Interested being a part of the Student Recreation and Wellness team?

The department of Student Recreation and Wellness is one of the largest student employers on campus. We have a wide range of positions and shifts available each semester: customer service desk, office assistants, facility supervisors, intramural officials and staff, group fitness instructors, personal trainers and more. 

Through our facilities, services and programs, we engage the university community in a wide array of inclusive opportunities for social interaction, improved health and overall wellbeing.

Facilities and Operations

  • Facility Attendants
    • Responsible for ensuring a safe, clean, and welcoming environment for our patrons, assisting patrons with equipment use, enforcing policies, and acting as first responders.                
  • Facility Leads*
    • Responsible for monitoring the entire facility and staff, managing special events, overseeing all cash transactions, and initiating emergency procedures. This is a leadership role and applicants must have at least 1 semester of experience on staff to be eligible for this position.
  • Office Assistants

*Must have previous employment status with the Department of Student Recreation & Wellness.

Outdoor Programs

  • Logistics and Operations Assistant
    • In this program, employees begin honing technical outdoor skills, mastering inter and intrapersonal personal communication skills, developing risk management strategies, and learning teaching/ educational strategies to effectively facilitate outdoor experiences to groups of participants.  Skills and knowledge are assessed using both written assessment and practical skill evaluation.  Successful completion of all assessment criteria will result in promotion.        
  • Assistant Trip Leader
    • The job of an Assistant Trip Leader is to assist in trip preparation and logistics as well as program implementation.  Assistant Trip Leaders work in conjunction with and under the supervision of a Trip Leader.  While performing this role, assistants are gaining valuable field experience and building their knowledge base under the tutelage of more experienced outdoor leaders. 
  • Trip Leader
    • Trip Leaders have completed all components of the Leadership Development Program and are required to hold a Wilderness First Responder Certification.  Trip Leaders are capable of working autonomously or in conjunction with an Assistant Trip Leader.  The role of the Trip leader is to plan and implement all components of a program start to finish.  They are the pinnacle of the outdoor leadership program at Radford University. 

FitWell Programs

  • Group X Instructor
    • Step 1: Determine which format(s) you are interested in teaching.
    • Step 2: Go to a training! Some formats require specialty certifications such as BODYPUMP and Yoga. Free-style classes (cycle, boot camp, dance) do not require specialty certifications, but a Group Fitness Certification is required.
    • Step 3: Apply online and schedule and audition with our other Group X Intructors and Health Educator, Shannon Moore.
  • Personal Trainer
    • Step 1: Shadow a current Personal Trainer
    • Step 2: Obtain your Personal Training Certification
    • Step 3: Apply online and schedule a mock client with our current Oersonal Trainers and Health Educator, Shannon Moore.

Intramural Programs

  • Officials
    • Understanding rules of multiple sports, control on field/court situations early, show enthusiasm, make fair and consistent calls.
  • Scorekeepers
    • Log names on score cards, arrive 30-minutes early for set-up, be aware of official rules, maintain score, time and other official game information, assist with any injuries that may occur on or off the field.
  • Supervisor