Student Recreation & Wellness at Radford University takes great pride in providing a variety of programming events for students and employees. Our staff works diligently to provide quality recreational opportunities to enhance the quality of life. The Radford University community are invited to take advantage of the many activities offered throughout the school year.

Mission and Goals

The Radford University Division of Student Affairs is committed to the learning and development of students and their academic and individual success. We foster a campus culture and environment where students' perspectives are vauled, citizenship and personality are cultivated, and students are engaged in a vibrant co-curricular experience nurturing excellence and success. Student Affairs supports a culture of evidence where inquiry, self-reflection, personal assessment, and continuous improvement are expected and supported.


Through our facilities, services, and programs we engage the university community in a wide array of inclusive opportunities for social interaction, improved health, and overall well-being.  

Come enjoy the fun and excitement of Student Recreation & Wellness! You'll be glad you did!