Eligibility Requirements

The Sports Club Council (SCC) was created in the fall of 2000 to represent recognized sport clubs at Radford University that continuously remain in good standing and represent Radford University in a positive light. 

Simply being a sport club does not guarantee membership in the SCC. The Council requires it's members to have a strong student run administration and continuously remain in good standing with RU and Student Recreation and Wellness. Clubs must serve a minimum one year probationary term or until the majority of the board votes for full membership. During this time the club will not receive funding. 

The following are requirements for full membership but are not limited to:

  • Must be recognized by Radford University
  • Must participate in a collegiate league
  • Must present a strong financial need
  • Maintain adequate facilities
  • Abides by Radford University student and club policies
  • Abides by Radford University safety standards
  • Abides by the SCC handbook
  • Must not be currently or have a history of excessive debt and/or outstanding balances

Once clubs are given full membership into the SCC they will receive partial funding towards their budgets. The SCC meets bi-weekly to discuss all budget requests and other council issues. Only full members are given voting rights. Once a full member, clubs must continue to maintain the standards set forth in the SCC handbook. For more information or to receive a copy of the handbook please email us.

Sports Club Handbook

Download the Radford University Sports Club Handbook (PDF)