Sarah Hebert


Sarah, from Powhatan, Va., is an environmental biology major and is a certified Master Naturalist. "I have a slight addiction to frogs and it has always been my dream to go to the amazon rain forest," she says.

Outside the classroom, Sarah also works for RU Outdoors and is currently working toward becoming an assistance trip leader for caving. "I love hiking, camping, caving, swimming and in general if it is outdoors I enjoy it," she adds. 

Sarah's Project:

Chytrid fungus is the top killer of frog species, followed by deforestation and pollution. Chytrid is transported through water into the frog’s skin where the fungus thrives until the host dies. Chytrid is present in frogs from many areas, but it is unknown whether frogs in the Las Piedras watershed are infected. The experiment will be carried out throw the capture of frogs. Each specimen will be measured, photographed, swabbed and recorded extensively. Capturing will be from pools set up in different microbiomes, as well as any in field walks and exploration.