Joy Caughron


Assistant Professor of Biology

Dr. Caughron earned a B.S. from Mississippi State University in 2005, and a Ph.D from the University of Oklahoma in 2011 investigating the impact of aerobic respiration of Escherichia coli on the mouse cecum mucus microbiome. She then spent a year as a visiting scholar at Virginia Tech studying the structures of several membrane proteins in Clostridium difficile and Clostridium perfringens as they relate to mechanisms of gastronintestinal disease.

Since 2013, she has been an assistant professor of biology at Radford University. Projects involving undergraduate students have included development of a real-time bacterial killing assay for micro-blood plasma volumes and mass production of Apis mellifera royalactin in transgeneic Escherichia coli for use in a variety of undergraduate research endeavors.

Dr. Caughron has taught a number of classes at Radford University, including Fundamentals of Microbiology, Human Biology, Environmental Biology, and an upper level seminar. In concert with Dr. Jason Davis, she has received funding to support an investigation of human impacted vs. pristine soil and water microbiomes from the Peruvian Amazon and will be visiting this area to conduct field studies in May 2015.