A born communicator finds her place in Public Relations

Stephanie Perez discovered her talent in communication as a public relations major at Radford University.

Like many students, Perez wasn’t sure exactly where she would find her place at college, but she decided to take a chance and enrolled at the university, where she unexpectedly found her love of public speaking.

Perez serves as the president of Radio Free Radford and interns at the university’s Office of Marketing and Communication.

In addition to radio and public relations, Perez enjoys learning about communications and web development.

Perez plans to continue her public relations career in New York City and is currently completing an internship with Kohl’s. 

Perez’s advice to anyone on the fence about attending college? Just do it.

“I think the best path is the first day of class – coming there and taking a chance, showing that you are ready to make a change in your life and just being yourself,” Perez said. “I definitely would not be where I am if I was pretending to be someone else.”

Choose Radford: Stephanie Perez

Feb 23, 2024
Lauren Papp