RUC nursing programs moving to RHEC ahead of spring 2024 semester


The nursing programs at Radford University Carilion (RUC) in Roanoke will be moving from Carilion Roanoke Community Hospital to the Roanoke Higher Education Center (RHEC) in December 2023. Nursing students will begin classes at RHEC in January 2024 at the beginning of the spring semester.

This move will only include nursing programs at RUC. This move will not impact nursing students on the main campus in Radford.

All graduate and undergraduate (junior/senior level) nursing faculty and students in levels 1 - 4 (upper division) and courses will be moving. First-year and sophomore nursing students will remain at RUC for all freshman- and sophomore-level courses, including  pathophysiology.

After the move, nursing students learning at RHEC will still have the same access to RUC as they do now, Office of Student Affairs services like counseling, accommodations, housing and wellness services, as well as those offered by the Highlander Success Center, like tutoring, peer academic coaching and writing assistance. Those students will also be welcome to attend all programs, events and activities available to students at RUC.

The move to RHEC, located at 108 N. Jefferson St. in Roanoke, allows for additional instructional space for high-impact practices focused on student success, including laboratories and classrooms. Additionally, the Radford School of Nursing Clinical Simulation Center in Roanoke is located at RHEC on the first floor.

There is an increased demand for new nursing graduates, and the Radford University School of Nursing is dedicated to helping meet that demand while providing students with an engaging and interactive educational experience. The move will allow us to enroll more students in the nursing programs.

Oct 2, 2023
Mark Lambert