MBA in business analytics recognized for affordability

There is more good news about Radford University’s online MBA business analytics program., a business and data analytics education website, recently released its ranking of the 28 Most Affordable Online MBA Analytics Degree Programs in the United States, and listed the Radford University Davis College of Business and Economics program at No. 11. 

"We are incredibly proud to have our MBA program recognized as one of the most affordable online MBA analytics degree programs in the United States,” said interim Dean and Professor of Marketing Angela Stanton. “It's a testament to our commitment to offering a high-quality education that is accessible and affordable, preparing our graduates with the skills they need to make meaningful contributions in business analytics.”

The Radford University online AACSB-accredited MBA provides students with a broad-based, cross-functional education designed to prepare students for advanced leadership roles in private and public sectors of the global economy. Students have the option of choosing the general MBA or the MBA with a concentration in business analytics.

The MBA with a concentration in business analytics provides students with the skills and knowledge needed to leverage data to drive business insights and strategic decision-making. It equips students with proficiency in analytical platforms, statistical and modeling tools, and techniques for translating complex data into actionable business intelligence. The curriculum emphasizes hands-on learning and practical applications to prepare graduates to take on leadership roles in data analytics and management. All students in the business analytics concentration also earn the SAS Joint Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics.

Finalists for the list, said, are determined by a “straightforward rankings methodology applied to all online analytics MBA programs. For example, programs must be accredited, primarily online, and offered with an analytics concentration (business analytics, data analytics, etc.).”

The rankings factor in total estimated program price for online students.

“The final rankings represent the nation's most affordable online MBA in Analytics programs for students,” said.


Oct 13, 2023
Chad Osborne
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