Professor discusses bird-window collision research on With Good Reason


The “With Good Reason” public radio program is currently airing an interview with Radford University Professor of Biology Karen Powers about her research examining the prevention of bird-window collisions.

The interview will be hosted on more than 60 radio stations across the United States. Listeners in the New River Valley can hear the program at 6 p.m., Tuesday, April 25, on Public Radio WVRU 89.9. The show is available as a podcast at

Powers and her students have been documenting bird-window collisions since 2018. The research involves eight to 10 students a semester, with each student collaboratively collecting data and developing independent research questions based on the growing dataset. More than 50 Radford students have contributed to the work.

Teasing the recorded interview, Powers said she spoke “about the cool projects students have developed – from drones to game cameras – and the work that we have published.” She also talked about collision effects on bird populations and other major threats to birds.

“With Good Reason” also has made available its interview with Radford Professor of Elementary Science Education Tricia Easterling in which she speaks about her dedication to boasting students’ critical thinking abilities.

The award-winning radio program is produced by Virginia Humanities for the Virginia Higher Education Broadcasting Consortium, which comprises all of Virginia’s public colleges and universities.

“With Good Reason” is heard by an estimated 100,000 people each week on public radio stations in 33 states, including Virginia and Washington, D.C. Thousands more download the episodes via iTunes.

Apr 21, 2023
Chad Osborne
(540) 831-7761