Alumnus graces pages of popular clothing catalog

Joey Crosby ‘18, right, recently modeled for a Vineyard Vines catalog along with his partner, Chris, and their black lab, Georgia.

Joey Crosby ‘18 is a model citizen.

Soon after he graduated from Radford University, Crosby earned a master’s degree in environmental law and policy from the Vermont Law School and subsequently went to work as a paid staffer for Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont’s re-election campaign.

Connections there led Crosby to Hartford, Connecticut’s state capital, where three months ago, he took on a new role in the Constitution State’s House Democratic Office, serving as a constituent engagement coordinator for four state representatives.

“I, along with our outreach and press team, manage all of their community hearings, their constituent affairs, outreach and events,” he said. “I’m still pretty new at it, but it’s a really rewarding job.”

Crosby became more interested in politics at age 19 or 20 because he fell in love with “what politics can do for people,” he explained.  “There can be a nasty side to politics, but when done right and done well, you can really lift people up and give them a better chance at life. I come from a low-income background, and I know how difficult that can be.”

Crosby’s beliefs and experiences are what drives his passion for people and his new career path in Connecticut.

“I’m just passionate about helping kids whose families rely on food stamps, and it’s very rewarding to be able to help our veterans and make sure they have access to the best resources to help them,” Crosby said. “Constituents call their elected officials if they have a problem, and our job in the office is to put them in contact with the right people to get their problems fixed. That is what government is supposed to do.”

Crosby, a Geospatial Science major, found that same supportive atmosphere modeled at Radford University.

“I love Radford,” he said. “I transferred there from Virginia Tech and felt incredibly supported by my professors and the school. I had all the resources I needed to become successful, and it felt good being there because I felt like they really cared about me.”

Friends from Radford and others who care about Crosby may have recognized him recently while sorting through catalogs and websites as they do their holiday shopping. He, his partner Chris Willing, and their black lab, Georgia, were asked to model Vineyard Vines clothing during a photo shoot for the company.

Vineyard Vines asked employees – Willing is a graphic designer for the company – and their families to participate in the shoot that included photos for “a new dog line,” of clothing, Crosby said. A photo of the trio appeared in a Vineyard Vines print catalog and the company’s Amazon site.

So, is modeling a new career pursuit for the Radford alumnus?

“Oh, that is so very far from the truth,” he said laughing. “My mom thought the photos were just adorable, and so did all of our friends. And, everyone agreed that our dog was the star, and she was just beautiful.

“The photo shoot was a good time,” Crosby continued,” but I’m definitely not a model.”

Dec 20, 2022
Chad Osborne
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