Radford University and the Appalachian School of Law Partner on New Academic Initiatives and Symposiums

Radford University interim President Carolyn R. Lepre, Ph.D., joins former Appalachian School of Law President and Dean Elizabeth McClanahan, J.D., and leadership from both institutions to mark the new partnership.

Radford University and the Appalachian School of Law (ASL) are collaborating on new academic initiatives that include a 3+3 program and a joint MBA to J.D. program, as well as a symposium on the intersection of substance use and the law. The partnership was announced at a spring 2021 signing event held in Grundy, Virginia, where ASL is located.

The initiatives will accomplish three goals to help identify pathways for highly motivated students interested in the law and in business administration to move forward on their vocational aspirations efficiently, effectively and meaningfully:

  • The Appalachian School of Law will provide for preferential admission for Radford students who meet threshold admission expectations;
  • Radford University will enter into an agreement for an accelerated dual degree arrangement, which will allow students to complete both a baccalaureate and a Juris Doctor in six years; and
  • Radford University will create a seamless pathway for students to earn both a Juris Doctor degree from Appalachian School of Law and an MBA from Radford University in less than the normally required years of study.

“Radford University and Appalachian School of Law deeply share the profound goal of providing transformative educational experiences to our students,” said Elizabeth A. McClanahan, J.D., former president and dean of ASL. “By establishing these partnerships, we are here today to do just that.”

Radford University Interim President Carolyn R. Lepre, Ph.D., added, “We are honored to serve as a valued academic partner with the Appalachian School of Law, and we pledge our full support in making this partnership a reality and a success.”

Lepre said that the signing marked a significant milestone for both institutions and was an exciting way to allow students to have opportunities for increased professional growth and social mobility. Additionally, she said that graduates from these programs will make a difference in southwest Virginia and across the nation.

“This is truly a win-win partnership for our institutions and the Commonwealth,” Lepre said, “but most importantly for our current and future generations of students.”

McClanahan said, “Many Radford University students have a passion for southwest Virginia and the various communities that comprise it. Studying at Radford and ASL not only gives these students the competence to serve others, but it also seems to keep them home, directing their talents and energies to their own communities, primarily serving the citizens of Appalachia. For our students, it is a passionate and practical reality.”

Oct 1, 2021
Mark Lambert