New dining options coming to the Radford University campus this fall

Highland Smokehouse logo

By the first day of classes this fall, Radford University students, faculty and staff will have new dining options to explore at Dalton Hall and the Bonnie Hurlburt Student Center on campus. Renovations are taking place in both locations this summer to enhance the dining experience.

At Dalton, Fairfax Street Subs is being replaced with a new barbecue concept called “Highland Smokehouse.” It will serve everyday favorites like pulled pork, smoked chicken and mac and cheese, with occasional specials such as brisket.


Artist’s rendering of The Highland Smokehouse in Dalton Hall.

Honeycomb logoV2

In the Bonnie Hurlburt Student Center — also known as the Bonnie — Pinkberry has been removed, and the space will be used for needed additional seating for diners. The area where Create was located will be occupied by Student Choice, a flexible, quick service location that can be reconfigured to change based upon student feedback. Student Choice will begin the fall semester serving a taco menu, with other menus to come throughout the year.

Also in the Bonnie, the Au Bon Pain Express location is being replaced with “Honeycomb Commons,” a coffee and sweet shop featuring multiple coffee brands and nitro-brewed coffee. All of the coffee brands offered at Honeycomb Commons will be Virginia roasted. It will also offer Homestead Creamery ice cream and flavored milk, in addition to higher-end pastries and seasonal sweets.


Artist’s rendering of The Honeycomb Commons in the Bonnie Hurlburt Student Center.

James Perkins, director of University Services, said that dining is an area that is constantly monitored for customer satisfaction and these updates reflect the feedback the university has received.

Artist’s rendering of Student Choice in the Bonnie.

“We are changing offerings to meet the needs of our customers because their expectations are continually changing and evolving,” Perkins said, adding that University Services has partnered with Chartwells Higher Education to determine the eating habits and preferences of the Radford community to try to predict what offerings best suit their needs. “We see providing quality dining options as part of the total college experience.”

Perkins said that he is excited about all of the new options and is sure students, faculty and staff will find them exciting as well.

“If I had to pick just one of the new options I’m most excited about, I think it would be Honeycomb Commons,” Perkins said. “It features Virginia-based, small-to-medium businesses and brands that students may otherwise never experience.”

Jul 15, 2021
Mark Lambert