Hungry yet, Highlanders?

Strawberry-flavored drinks at the on-campus Starbucks, located in the College of Humanities and Behavioral Sciences, are a popular pick among Highlanders. Pictured is the famous "Pink Drink." The beverage features the flavors of the on-campus best-seller, the Strawberry Acai Refresher, with accents of passion fruit and acai, combined with coconut milk and topped with a scoop of strawberries.

Let’s face it.

Food is a pretty big deal in the lives of college students, and Highlanders, you are no exception.

Radford University has a dozen different on-campus dining establishments to keep you well-fed and prepared for whatever stands in your way.

Pulling an all-nighter? Starbucks to the rescue!

Running late for class? Grab a sandwich and some waffle fries to go from Chick-fil-A.

Need an energy boost after that hard workout? A protein-packed salad from Create will help you recover.

Craving comfort food? Stop by Dalton Kitchen for their famous fried chicken.

With so many food and beverage options to choose from, have you ever wondered what you and your peers are ordering most? What are the most popular menu items?

In a hurrry? The new Get & Go Dining Program allows Radford students with a Meal Plan to order food and drinks from participating restaurants on campus from their phones and pick it up from temperature-controlled lockers stationed near the dining establishments from which they ordered.


We got the answer straight from the source: Radford University’s very own Dining Services staff.

Here are the top-sellers at each dining destination (vending machines excluded):

Au Bon Pain

  • Macaroni and cheese


  • Chicken sandwich (the classic)


  • The Virginian (fried chicken served on a bed of rice, served with bacon, crispy jalapeño caps and creamy chive dressing)

Dalton Kitchen

  • Waffles from made-to-order waffle station (original and strawberry with rotation of blueberry, chocolate, apple cinnamon and cinnamon roll flavored waffles; daily choice of toppings include whipped cream, chocolate chips, blueberries and strawberries)
  • Yogurt from yogurt bar (vanilla or strawberry yogurt with a choice of fresh berries, pineapple, raisins, dried cranberries and granola)
  • Pizza (house-made pizza dough and sauce with daily offerings of pepperoni and cheese and daily rotation of BBQ chicken, white pizza, roasted vegetable and supreme)
  • Bagel from bagel bar (plain, cinnamon raisin, sesame, poppy seed and everything bagels; house-made cream cheese spreads include plain, strawberry and green onion and cheddar)

Fairfax Street Subs

  • Italian sub (salami, pepperoni, ham, provolone, lettuce and tomatoes on a fresh-baked hoagie)
  • House-made potato chips

Hissho Sushi

  • California roll (sushi containing cucumber, imitation crab and avocado)

New River Grill House

  • Made-to-order parmesan pasta with choice of chicken, spinach or broccoli
  • Brownies a la mode (house-made double fudge brownies with chocolate fudge and ice cream)

Papa John’s

  • Pepperoni pizza


  • Original tart (a perfect balance of sweet and tart frozen yogurt)


  • Strawberry Açaí Refresher (sweet strawberry flavors accented by passion fruit and açaí notes, caffeinated with green coffee extract)


  • The Baconator (a half-pound of beef, American cheese, six pieces of bacon, ketchup and mayo)

Dining Services has been operated by Chartwells, Inc., since 2002. Dining services has operations in Dalton Hall, The Bonnie Hurlburt Student Center (The Bonnie) and Muse Hall. They also provide catering services for a multitude of functions throughout campus.

Feb 8, 2021
Mary Hardbarger
(540) 831-5150