Academic Success Center encourages students to succeed, persist and engage

The Academic Success Center is located in Young Hall.
The Academic Success Center is located in Young Hall.

A new center on campus will help students navigate their education experience more easily. 

The Academic Success Center will be opening ahead of the Fall 2020 semester and focus on helping first-year students succeed, persist and engage. The Center will provide enhanced  advising services, additional  information to students about programs and engagement opportunities on and off campus.

The Center is an innovative approach, focusing on a more holistic Radford University experience.

“The primary purpose of a student coming to Radford University is to succeed in their academic expectations, pathways and outcomes, so that they can find a career. Ultimately, in order to be successful human beings, we need to look at the whole person,“ said Academic Success Center Executive Director Corey Herd Cassidy, Ph.D.

Research shows that a centralized location for students with questions helps ensure a more successful undergraduate experience with positive outcomes. The Academic Success Center will help students from orientation to graduation. 

“We want to make sure that, as a family here at Radford University, we pull students in, help them engage with our campus, explore who they are and discover how they can be the best person - so they can be successful in the classroom, in the workforce and in the community,” Cassidy said.

All incoming students will be assigned an advisor through the Academic Success Center. That advisor will help students navigate their college experience by serving as a critical point of contact when questions arise.

“We have liaisons that will be supporting students, as a one-stop-shop, to make sure students can come to us and say ‘this is what I need, how do I get to that?’ and we will be able to connect them,” Cassidy said.

The Academic Success Center will also be home to New Student and Family Programs, including Quest Orientation, and Student Success and Retention.

You can find the Academic Success Center located on the third and fourth floors of Young Hall, a central part of campus, making it convienent for students to easily engage in programs and activities.

Jun 23, 2020