New academic pathway for NRCC chemistry students at Radford

The chemistry pathway is evidence of a well-established and growing partnership between New River Community College and Radford University.

As evidence of the well-established and growing partnership with New River Community College (NRCC), Radford University has signed an agreement with the goal of helping increased numbers of students continue their education in an accessible, affordable and efficient manner. On January 10, 2020, leaders from both institutions met to sign a pathway agreement for students pursuing an education in chemistry.

“We’ve always had a good relationship with Radford University, we are just making that relationship stronger and making transitions smoother for students,” said NRCC President Pat Huber, Ph.D.

This established education pathway outlines a direct track of classes for students beginning their education at NRCC with plans to continue and complete their education at Radford.  It ensures each participant student is able to complete their bachelor’s degree with a smooth transition and in a cost-effective manner.

A pathway is a prescribed listing of classes that both institutions have agreed to satisfy necessary requirements. By taking the outlined pathway courses for chemistry, a student starting their education at NRCC would know the exact courses required in order to enter Radford University’s Bachelor of Science in Chemistry program. It ensures the student is only taking classes that will transfer and meet any prerequisite requirements, thus honoring their time and affirming a commitment to affordability from NRCC and Radford.

New River Community College and Radford University have joined together to establish a pathway for Radford’s Bachelor of Science in Chemistry program.

“We hope to use this established pathway as an advising guide to help students make the right choices about their natural science and transfer electives,” NRCC’s Dean of Arts and Sciences Sarah Tolbert-Hurysz said.

The Radford University Department of Chemistry, housed within the Artis College of Science and Technology, has five concentrations: advanced professional chemist, professional chemist, advanced biochemistry and biochemistry, including life sciences and pre-health and forensics. Each of these programs has a corresponding pathway at NRCC.

“This gives the student clear courses, a timeline, a destination and a finish line. Students can now focus on succeeding and know they will be fully supported at New River Community College and immediately supported as they join us at Radford University,” said Radford’s Dean of the Artis College of Science and Technology Orion Rogers, Ph.D.

This pathway is part of a continued partnership between NRCC and Radford to support student success at both institutions, while also maintaining a keen focus on affordable and accessible education. In April 2019, Radford University and NRCC signed an expanded partnership agreement and, in October 2019, the Bridge program was announced.


Jan 16, 2020
Christina Edney