New program to help enhance Artis College student success at Radford University

A new program supporting student success, enrollment and retention is available now for new students at Radford University in the Artis College of Science and Technology.

The Artis Mentor Collective enhances the student experience by connecting new students with a peer mentor, a student in the Artis College of Science and Technology who is ready to listen, inspire, help navigate challenges and recognize opportunities. Students will learn what to expect in school and how to approach challenges, as well as gain career advice and valuable insights. Mentors will build their networks and develop skills to become better professionals and leaders.

"We constantly encourage our Artis College majors to take advantage of opportunities, and I am pleased to see Artis College upperclassmen accept our invitation to serve as mentors through the Artis Mentor Collective and our new majors take advantage of this unique opportunity to be mentored by their peers,” said Artis College Dean Orion Rogers, Ph.D. “We look forward to increased retention and student engagement as our experienced Artis College majors mentor our new majors to enhance their sense of belonging, develop their identities as STEM professionals and create a social support network."

Mentorship has been a component of several current and previous student success programs within the college, but the Artis Mentor Collective helps to take the concept and advance it dramatically through the use of a nationally recognized platform.  More than 90 schools across America have partnered with Mentor Collective to enhance the college experience for thousands of students, but each program is tailored for the specific campus. The Artis Mentor Collective recognizes that there are unique challenges for students in science and technology fields and seeks to help address those issues for participants.

Amidst COVID-19 uncertainty, the Artis Mentor Collective program will also provide an outlet for students to offer feedback on how the University can provide ongoing support.

The Artis Mentor Collective is actively enrolling students and mentors for the 2020-21 academic year.

To learn more about the program, contact David Horton at or visit the Artis Mentor Collective webpage on the Radford University website at

Aug 26, 2020