On the air: How a marketing faculty member challenged her students to create board games for children with dyslexia

Jane Machin on With Good Reason public radio
Assistant Marketing Professor Jane Machin (left) will speak on the With Good Reason radio program Nov. 10-16 about a project in which her students created board games for children with dyslexia.

Jane Machin wanted to buy her young godson a birthday gift that celebrated his dyslexia.

When she couldn’t find a game that fit the bill, the Radford University assistant marketing professor had her students create something they could market to a wider audience.

“I challenged my students to develop ideas and create board games that rewarded the strengths of a dyslexic child rather than punish their areas of weakness,” Machin said. “I thought creating games was a unique opportunity for my students to immerse themselves in the experience of somebody else. When I teach creativity, I tell my students empathy for the person you are trying to solve problems for is highly, highly important.”

Machin spoke about the innovative project in an interview on the With Good Reason public radio program, which is now available as a podcasts at withgoodreasonradio.org.

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Nov 7, 2018
Chad Osborne