Department of Dance announces new department chair

James Robey
James Robey

James Robey has been appointed the new Department of Dance chair and comes to Radford from Webster University.

He received his BFA in Dance from the University of Akron and his MFA in Dance from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Robey has served Webster University as an associate professor since 2012 and chair for the Department of Dance since 2013.

Robey has a background in both national and international choreography, including the Rome Fringe Festival in Italy and the West Meets East Thailand festival.

Robey is passionate about study abroad. He recently started an eight-week abroad program in Geneva, Switzerland, for Webster University’s dance department.

White visiting Radford during the interview process, Robey enjoyed meeting with faculty and students and appreciated the views of the campus. “The campus is a beautiful and stunning place to be, and the people are extremely down to earth, open and friendly.”

Coming to Radford, Robey wants to strengthen the dance department’s study abroad program.

“I want the students to realize that they are in an increasingly global world. Especially for performing artists and art educators, there are global opportunities. I hope to really expand their horizons,” he said.

Robey would also like to consider the possibility of graduate level programming and wants the students to feel supported and become strong leaders in their chosen field.

“I want to prepare students for a career that is constantly shifting and changing,” he said. “Not just prepare them for what we know the career to be but for a career that we can’t quite predict yet.”

While prepared to make changes and strengthen programs, Robey firmly believes in co-leadership and innovation and is eager to work with the department’s faculty.

“I want to work together with the faculty and students to craft where we are going to go and imagine what our next step is,” he said. “I look forward to having a diverse group of faculty members to work with that have a depth of expertise and interest and a variety of areas.”

Jul 12, 2018
Emily Lewis