Fall Career Fair gives students, alumni networking opportunity

Alumni Erin Upton, left, and Alyssa Wohlleben, second from left, speak with a student about their company.
Alumni Erin Upton, left, and Alyssa Wohlleben, second from left, speak with a student about their company.

The Fall Career and Internship Fair attracted hundreds of students, who explored potential job and internship opportunities while networking with professionals.

More than 50 employers participated in the event, including IBM Global Business Services, the Central Intelligence Agency and the VCU Health System.

Alumna Erin Upton ’12 works at Apex, an IT, science and engineering staffing services firm headquartered in Richmond. She enjoyed being able to meet other members of the Highlander family.

“I remember being a senior and being really nervous and anxious to find a job, so I was really excited at the opportunity to come back here and meet people who are in my shoes,” Upton said. “I love my company – I’ve been here since I graduated. I’m looking forward to people joining us.”

Upton stressed the importance of attending career fairs, saying that “it is definitely good practice to be able to go meet an employer and have your sales pitch ready where you go and talk about yourself. You get to ask questions on the fly. It helps prepare for interviews.”

Alumni Matt Reppert ’13 M.S. ’15 and Adam Lawson ’16 had a booth at the Fall Career Fair and Internship Fair representing Mountain Lake Lodge.

Reppert gave a few tips to the students, saying “not to travel in a pack or go to the fair with friends.”

“As an employer, you are typically hiring one person,” he said. “Be confident on your own and in your own skills. Be willing to talk and be straightforward with the employers. Make sure to present yourself well.”

The Fall Career and Internship Fair

The Fall Career and Internship Fair

Making a personal impression and talking to a person who represents the company is important when looking for a job, Reppert said. “It gives you a leg up,” he added.

Lawson said that these events give students a great networking opportunity.

“I regret not going to these events,” he said. “It put me at a bit of a disadvantage. These are people I should’ve been talking to, but I didn’t do that and it put me behind the eight-ball.”

Details on future events can be found on Radford University's Career Center website.

Oct 13, 2017
Max Esterhuizen