Who is the best Monopoly player on campus?


Are you on top of your game? If so, prove it.

Radford University’s Department of Economics is hosting a Monopoly tournament March 29 in Kyle Hall 340.

All Radford University students are invited to play. The tournament runs from 6 to 7:30 p.m. Students must register by March 28 in Kyle Hall 266A (the Accounting, Finance and Business Law/Economics Department office).

“The official purpose of the second annual tournament is to recognize and celebrate excellence in strategic decision-making,” said Dan Farhat, the economics assistant professor who is organizing the tournament.

“Monopoly is a game about sticking to a budget, responding quickly to shocks – or chance – and making buying and selling decisions with opponents' strategies in mind,” Farhat said. “All of that is economics.”

However, that’s not the only reason. “It’s also about just having a good time,” Farhat noted. “We want students to socialize, engage and participate so that their college experience is memorable.”

The tournament winner’s name will be inscribed on the Nash Cup, an annual award given by the Economics Department to a student who exhibits talent in logical and strategic decision-making.

“The inscription is always done in pencil,” Farhat said, “because after all, you’re only the best until somebody beats you.”

The Monopoly tournament winner will take home the contents of the cup, which is currently on display in Kyle Hall adjacent to the undergraduate reading room.

To learn more about the Monopoly tournament, contact Farhat at 831-5191 or dfarhat@radford.edu.

Mar 14, 2017
Chad Osborne