Students to present at Geological Society of America gathering

Several Radford University students and Department of Geology faculty will participate this week in the Geological Society of America (GSA) Southeastern Section Meeting.

The gathering, held March 30-31 in Richmond, is an opportunity for attendees to network and make professional, industry and graduate school contacts. Students and faculty present original research and are exposed to the research of their peers and other professionals in the field.

The Southeastern section of the GSA includes Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia, in addition to the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico in the United States, and the states of Campeche, Quintana Roo and Yucatan in Mexico.

Faculty Co-Chairing Sessions

Skip Watts and Parvinder Sethi: Digital Imaging Techniques For Enhancing Student Learning And Research

Elizabeth McClellan: Tectonics Of Blue Ridge And Piedmont Terranes: Insight From Integrated Studies

Bob Whisonant: Geology And The Civil War

Undergraduate Research Oral Presentations

Nathan Amick and Brigette Miller with Watts: Unmanned Aerial Systems 3D Modeling of Shrinking Shorelines and the Leaking Lakebed, Mountain Lake, Giles County, Virginia

Hans Voll with Watts: Combining Side-Scan Sonar, Submersible Rovs, and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles For Underwater Inspections And Bathymetric Mapping Of An Inactive Quarry Near Claytor Lake, Virginia

Ian Gammarino with Watts: Testing The Effectiveness Of Emerging Technologies For Developing A Sedimentation Model At Claytor Lake, Dublin, Virginia - A Progress Report

Faculty Oral Presentations

Sethi (with student Dylan Philippart): Universal Design Aspects For Creating Cutting-Edge, Digital Imaging-Based, Laboratory Applications For Teaching Geosciences

Whisonant: Bay, River, And Valley: How Virginia's Geology And Physiography Impacted Campaigns And Battles In The Civil War

Undergraduate Research Posters

Ian Gammarino with instructor George Stephenson and associate professor Elizabeth McClellan: Sediment Size Analysis Of Outer Banks Sand Samples

Kent Weidlich with professor Skip Watts: Using Unmanned Aerial Systems, Lidar, And Geophysics To Study Karst At The Selu Conservancy, Radford, Virginia

Himani Panth with Watts: Comparing Bathymetric Maps from 2011 and 2016 Using Side-Scan Sonar and Unmanned Aerial Systems at Mountain Lake, Giles County, Virginia

Faculty Poster Presentations

McClellan: Basin Inversion Of Neoproterozoic Volcano-Sedimentary Stratigraphy In The Mount Rogers Region, Southwest Virginia


Mar 27, 2017
Mary Hardbager