Radford to participate in national outdoor challenge

Radford University recognizes the important role a healthy, active lifestyle can play in its campus community.

That’s why for the third consecutive year, the university will participate in the Outdoor Nation (ON) Campus Challenge. The campaign challenges campus communities to join together to show who can get the most people outside and active.

“It's a Mother Nature meets March Madness-style competition where 93 schools from across the country will go head-to-head over four weeks,” explained Andy Borak, Radford University Assistant Director of Outdoor Programs.

Students, faculty, staff, alumni and community members are invited and encouraged to join Radford University’s team.

To participate:

  • On Sept. 1 - Download the Outdoor Nation app to a smart phone via Google play or the App Store. 
  • On Sept. 18-Oct. 15 – Upload pictures of you and friends participating in outdoor activities.  Each activity gives the individual and school points. Points earn prizes and cash for both the school and individual.

Participants can accrue points by:


Last year Radford University had 307 participants who logged more 1,400 activities and placed 28th out of 89 schools.

“Let’s shoot for even higher this year,” Borak said. “Radford and the surrounding New River Valley provide endless opportunities for outdoor adventure. Let’s take advantage of that.”

THE ON challenge is sponsored and supported by:

  • The North Face
  • Eagles Nest Outfitters
  • Recreation Equipment Incorporated
  • Hydro Flask
  • The Outdoor Foundation
  • Association of Outdoor Recreation and Education
  • College Outside

Aug 1, 2017
Mary Hardbarger
(540) 831-5150