Going green in 2017

It’s a new year, and with it comes New Year’s resolutions. Many people aspire to make changes to their lives, whether it be to eat healthier, start exercising or spend more time with family and friends. If you would like to add items to your resolutions that can benefit the environment and your community, Radford University Sustainability is here to help with these suggestions for a green 2017.

Reduce Waste

·       Use refillable water bottles and coffee mugs

·       Don’t print emails or other documents that you don’t really need (read online)

·       Bring your lunch in a reusable bag and/or container

·       Use cloth bags or no bag at all at the grocery store


·       Make an extra effort to recycle – hang on to that plastic bottle until you find the appropriate bin

·       Purchase food and drink only packaged in recyclable material

·       Move or add recycling bins to your home or office to make recycling more convenient

Use Less Energy

·       Turn off lights and computers when you leave the room

·       Unplug chargers and equipment when not in use, or switch off power strips

·       Set thermostats higher in the summer and lower in the winter and dress appropriately

·       Adjust your thermostat when you leave home or leave the office. There’s no need to heat or cool an empty room.

·       Drive less – Walk, bike, carpool or take public transit

Use Less Water

·       Only run the dishwasher when it's full

·       Take shorter showers

·       Don’t water your lawn (or only water at night)

Build Community

·       Help your neighbor with a project

·       Meet new people and ask good questions

·       Try to see the world from a perspective different than your own

·       Always think about how your actions impact others

Enjoy the Outdoors

·       Go for a walk

·       Go tubing or swimming in the New River

·       Do your homework or read outside

·       Host a “walking meeting” instead of a sitting one

Jan 19, 2017
Chad Osborne