Political Science professor receives TAP award

Dr. Reginald Shareef

Radford University Political Science Professor Reginald Shareef received the Total Action for Progress (TAP) award for community service.

“This award provides me with a lot of intrinsic satisfaction because TAP's leaders recognized my efforts to create a more fair and equitable society,” Shareef said, who was awarded Feb. 7. “This is extremely gratifying.”

The honor came as a bit of a surprise to Shareef.

“I thought I would be doing a presentation, but two weeks ago things got cleared up and I found out I was going to be honored,” he said. “What a wonderful surprise.”    

Shareef was celebrated in a ceremony for his contributions to the local community. Throughout the past several years, Shareef has been involved with TAP, including obtaining a Housing and Urban Development (HUD) grant to study the economic impact of urban renewal on black communities in Roanoke, as well as facilitating a Center for Public Administration and Policy at Virginia Tech student’s doctoral dissertation on TAP’s leadership style and organization culture. 

“TAP and Ted Edlich were instrumental in helping me get the HUD grant,” Shareef said. “The study was later published as a book by the Institute of Urban Affairs at Howard University.” 

Shareef’s research stimulated his interest in urban renewal. He discussed the topic in newspaper columns and journal articles. This culminated in 2003, when Shareef participated as an expert witness in the eminent domain case of Claytor v. Roanoke Redevelopment and Housing Authority (RRHA). In the case, the RRHA held a property in condemnation status for 20 years, would not buy the property and wanted to hold the condemnation status in-perpetuity.


Dr. Reginald Shareef accepting the TAP community service award. Photo courtesy of TAP.

“I often say all Virginia property owners owe Walter Claytor a debt of gratitude and I am very pleased to have played a small role in assisting in his eminent domain legal victory,” Shareef said.  

In addition to these projects, Shareef also studied the organizational culture within TAP.

“Many organizational cultures feature personal or professional jealousies that create disincentives for individuals to engage in positive works that improve the human condition,” Shareef said. “TAP is a unique organization culture that allows actors to do good in improving the human condition without any restraints. There is no hesitancy in recognizing those who intend to make positive contributions for the broader society.

“Many in TAP have been receptive to my ideas on these topics. TAP has given me the opportunity to explore these applications and that has been very professionally rewarding.”

TAP’s mission is to help individuals and families achieve economic and personal independence through education, employment, affordable housing and safe and healthy environments. TAP is a United Way partner agency.

Feb 9, 2017
Max Esterhuizen
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