Radford University Faculty Senate passes resolution regarding executive order on immigration

On Feb. 2, the Radford University Faculty Senate passed the following resolution in response to a recent presidential executive order on immigration:

Whereas, Radford University is enriched by the diversity of our student body, faculty, staff and administration including our brothers and sisters from Muslim-majority countries;

Whereas, our effectiveness as a university in a 21st century global society depends on our ability to attract the most highly qualified students, faculty and staff from around the world;

Whereas, we have a responsibility as public intellectuals and as citizens of a pluralistic republic to speak out for tolerance and justice for all;

Whereas, the discriminatory targeting of law-abiding people from seven Muslim-majority countries contradicts our bedrock constitutional principles, including freedom of religion and the non-establishment clause;

Whereas, waves of immigrants and refugees fleeing conditions of intolerable violence and repression have settled in America, embraced it as their home and built it into the country we enjoy today;

Whereas, our own country has been culturally enriched, our sciences and industries advanced, our universities enhanced and our community life deepened by the refugees and immigrants who have made America their home;

Whereas, our own Statue of Liberty represents the hope of freedom for immigrants coming to this country from around the world;

Whereas, the executive order in question has already caused intense anxiety for our Muslim students and faculty as well as students and faculty of immigrant families;

Be it, therefore, resolved: that the Radford University Faculty Senate calls upon the Radford community to stand in solidarity with all peaceful citizens of the world who wish to freely visit, settle and work in this country without regard to race, religion, ethnicity or country of origin;

Be it further resolved: that we call upon our President and all government officials to pursue policies that protect national security while not discriminating against particular groups or impeding the ability of American universities to engage in our educational and research missions as effectively as possible by drawing upon the talents of students and faculty from throughout the world.

Passed by Radford University Faculty Senate February 2, 2017

Feb 3, 2017