Creative Services wins bronze

The awards keep piling up for Creative Services.

The Scholar-Citizen Initiative (SCI) poster series earned Radford University’s Creative Services team its second award in two weeks by taking home the bronze award for the poster category at the 32nd Annual Educational Advertising Awards.

Educational Advertising Awards, one of the largest and oldest advertising award competitions in the country, received more than 2,250 submissions from more than a thousand colleges and universities from around the world. Gold, silver and bronze awards were awarded across 33 categories.

The SCI poster series, Creative Services’ sole submission at the Educational Advertising Awards, captured the essence of SCI, which is to prepare students to analyze different viewpoints and apply ethical reasoning to contemporary issues; make connections between academic knowledge and civic life; and evaluate problems in the context of contemporary local, national or global issues. 


The four posters in the series for SCI developed by Creative Services.

Director of Creative and Marketing Services Lee Coburn, Graphic Design Manager Nickola Dudley, Multimedia Producer Paul Davis, University Photographer Lora Gordon, Graphic Designer Nakia Shelton and copywriter/editor Mike Roche developed the poster series in fall 2016.

“The posters needed to have an emotional impact so that the viewer would be left with a lasting impression,” Coburn said. “That story needed to involve engaging visuals.”

Shelton presented the SCI story in a simple, effective and appealing manner that drew in the audience.

“After deciding on a concept and theme for the posters, portraits were taken of the individuals featured to reflect the mood,” Shelton said. “Background imagery and text were then designed in a way that visually supported the message and told their story in the best way possible.”

The entire team took the project through each stage, which included initial meetings with the client to get the project goals, internal brainstorming based on those goals, pitching ideas back to the client, production and photography.

“It’s an honor to be nationally recognized by my peers in the design industry,” Shelton said. “I am encouraged and happy to know we are excelling in the design work we produce to promote the university.”

Coburn said that “it is an honor to be recognized by peers for the work that we do on a daily basis. I’m incredibly proud of the entire team.”    

Feb 22, 2017
Max Esterhuizen
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