Student Counseling Services transitions to in-house division

Kelly Rubin
Kelly Rubin

Radford University’s Student Counseling Services (SCS) has transitioned to an in-house counseling services division.

The transition, effective Aug. 14, will allow for the expansion of services and more outreach opportunities for SCS staff, previously contracted through local health care system Carilion Clinic.

Current Substance Abuse and Violence Education Support (SAVES) Director Kelly Rubin will serve as the SCS director. Ryan Weatherford will serve as assistant director/psychologist. Some Carilion counselors have applied for and accepted Radford University counseling positions.

“By transitioning SCS to an in-house-division, we will be able to better integrate our counselors into the campus community,” Rubin said. “They will serve on task forces, provide outreach presentations and be more available to our students.”

Ryan Weatherford
Ryan Weatherford

SCS clients can obtain their records by signing a release form with Carilion. The forms are available at the Dean of Student’s office and the Student Counseling Center, located in Tyler Hall. The center is currently being renovated with new office spaces and a waiting room. Until renovations are complete, SCS staff can be reached at (540) 831-5226.

Staff are currently on-hand to talk students through scheduling appointments and other SCS needs.

Student Counseling Services supports the academic mission of the university through the enhancement of student learning and retention. SCS provides learning opportunities for students to grow as individuals, to form deeper relationships with their peers and to develop as successful members of the community and society at large.

The primary purpose of SCS is to assist students with common student developmental issues and to provide short-term, professional counseling to students with mental health concerns.

SCS provides quality mental health care to Radford University students, consultative services to the larger community and training to graduate students in the mental health field. All services are provided under the direction of licensed, credentialed and experienced mental health professionals. Staff is guided by the highest professional and ethical standards of their professions and is dedicated to providing quality services.

Aug 15, 2017
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