Radford Transit route changes for Fall 2017

Starting Aug. 28, Fairfax Street Station, located between Cook Hall and the Bonnie, will open for use.

The current bus hub on Radford's main campus is located in Lot A, by Martin Hall. This will remain as a bus stop. However, buses will no longer complete time checks here. Buses will pull in and conduct drop-off and pick-up before immediately departing the location. Fairfax Street Station will serve as the new bus hub on Radford University's main campus beginning on Aug. 28. Buses will perform their time-check at this location, which means that each bus will wait until their designated time before departing Fairfax Street Station.

Two transit routes will be altered with the opening of Fairfax Street Station and the changes are as follows:

Current routes:

  • Route 50 currently departs Lot A every 10 minutes at :00, :10, :20, :30, :40, and :50 after the hour.
  • Route 60 currently departs Lot A every 15 minutes at :10, :25, :40, and :55 after the hour.

Updated routes when Fairfax Street Station opens:

  • Route 50 buses will depart Lot A every 10 minutes at :05, :15, :25, :35, :45, and :55 after the hour.
  • Route 60 buses will depart Fairfax St. every 15 minutes at :00, :15, :30, and :45 after the hour.

Bus shelters will be available at the Fairfax Street Station. Buses can also be tracked using the Live Bus Tracker map.

Traffic Changes

A new traffic pattern will be used in this area as a result of these changes.

  • All traffic for Lot JJ and Fairfax Street Station will enter at the intersection of Jefferson and Fairfax Streets.
  • ONLY buses and commercial vehicles may enter the semi-circle at Fairfax Street Station. The alley between Fairfax Street Station and the Bonnie will be one- way for commercial vehicles discharging onto Jefferson Street. No private vehicles will be permitted in the alley at any time.
  • Lot AA, located next to the Bonnie, will no longer have a secondary exit onto the alleyway. All vehicles leaving Lot AA must do so at the Jefferson Street entrance and exit.
  • An additional turn lane will be constructed for traffic entering Jefferson Street from Fairfax Street
Inset campus map showing the new Fairfax Street bus stop on campus.

Fairfax Street Station and Parking Lot JJ

Aug 16, 2017