Generations of Highlanders come together at the Alumni Legacy Lunch

Susan Rogers '87, son Josh and husband John greet Radford University President Brian O. Hemphill at the Alumni Legacy Lunch on Thursday, August 24, 2017. Josh is entering his first year at Radford University.
Susan Rogers '87, son Josh and husband John meet Radford University President Brian O. Hemphill at the Alumni Legacy Lunch on Thursday, August 24. Josh is entering his first year at Radford University.

“I’m absolutely ecstatic to have my daughter attend my alma mater,” says Mark Antley ’84, whose daughter, Megan, is entering her first year as a transfer student at Radford University.

When asked why she ultimately decided to transfer to Radford University, the Charlottesville native replied with a laugh, “You mean besides my dad?”

“The atmosphere,” Megan continues. “The campus is beautiful, and Radford has a number of major options suited to my interests.” Although she is currently undeclared, Megan states that she is leaning toward a major in English.

The Antley family represented just a few of the 150 Radford University alumni and future alumni who participated in Legacy Alumni Family Luncheons hosted by the Radford University Office of Alumni Relations on August 24-25. The luncheons, which have become a tradition for alumni families, were held in the recently renovated Russell Hall, the new home of the Office of Alumni Relations.

“The campus has changed considerably since I graduated,” says Mark regarding the construction. “It’s been all for the better.”

“One of the main reasons my son, Josh, came to Radford University was because of the facilities, specifically the new College of Humanities and Behavioral Sciences building,” says Susan Rogers ’87. “It’s amazing.”

“I’m hoping to attend law school after this,” says Josh, as his mother nods in approval. “So the new humanities building, with the mock court room, is a good fit.

“And the people here have been great,” he continues. “I even got to meet President Hemphill during my first campus visit.”

“Where else can you do that,” Susan asks rhetorically. “Meet the University president on your first tour?”

As if on cue, Radford University President Brian O. Hemphill came into the room to meet and greet the Highlander families. It was not long before the President found himself at the Rogers’ table, discussing possible law school destinations with Josh.

The idea of post-graduate life seemed a world away to many of the families in attendance, including the Scott family, whose daughter, Laura, was not even sure she wanted to go to college this time last year.

The first year art student is now on her way to becoming the third member of her immediate family to graduate from Radford University, joining both of her parents.

“I think Radford University will be good for Laura,” says Jennifer.

While each person attending the luncheons – be it parent or child – shared a sense of nervous anticipation, they also shared something else: the Highlander spirit.

“Radford University is not too big or too overwhelming. It’s just right,” says Jennifer.

“I had a lot of fun here.”

To see additional photos from the event, please visit the Office of Alumni Relations photo gallery.

Aug 28, 2017
Jeremy Norman