Student-athlete Jessi Wollmann excels in the classroom and on the field

Jessi Wollmann
Jessi Wollmann

Radford University student-athlete Jessi Wollmann applies the skills and knowledge gained in the Honors Academy both in the classroom and on the field.

As an Anthropology major and a member of the women’s soccer team, Wollmann juggles a full workload.

“You just have to maintain your tiers,” Wollmann said. “Academics first, then soccer, then everything else. It hasn’t been a problem to balance because my coaches and professors are so understanding.”

“The honors program is an intellectually stimulating environment – it’s important for me to be around other people who want to succeed,” Wollmann said. “Having other people doing really well and caring a lot about their education means that I am inspired to do it as well.”

Wollmann credits her professors for always offering friendly and professional support while encouraging her to improve both herself and the campus community.

“You have to put in the effort into your education that you want to get back and be willing to meet your professors halfway,” Wollman said. “They always want to make sure you’re doing well. If you reach out to professors personally and make an investment in them, they will make an investment in you.”

Students in the Honors Academy have the chance to do an individual research topic their senior year based on developing things and working on ideas during their time at Radford. Wollmann is currently looking into focusing her project on biomechanics and how people walk.

“Stay engaged – enjoy it. It’s not something that everyone gets to do,” Wollmann said. “It’s an amazing opportunity that you should take advantage of. Everyone will support you.”

Wollmann’s competitive edge energizes her as a soccer player and drives her desire to be a diligent student. “I like to get the best grade in the class, or do the best on a presentation,” Wollmann said. “In honors classes, we have educated, informed discussions and try to understand different points of view. Issues don’t separate us, even if you don’t necessarily agree with someone.”

The Honors Academy has been a rewarding experience for Wollmann.

“It’s a small community, but I’ve developed a lot of personal relationships I wouldn’t necessarily have otherwise,” Wollmann said. “I think that’s part of what makes Radford amazing, but even more so as an honors student.”

Aug 15, 2017
Maddie White