Maymester course can open healing and wellness vistas to Radford community

For members of the Radford community, a Maymester 2017 course can provide unique and valuable understanding of a wide range of emerging healing therapies.

Taught by Gini Weisz, professor of nursing and nurse practitioner, the course, titled “NURS 773: Emerging Therapies of Health” is open to students of all majors and degree status.

“It is a rich interdisciplinary applied course that looks at the changes occurring in our ways of thinking about health and what heals disease,” said Weisz, who has taught about integrative therapies for 15 years. “It can be especially valuable for prevention or wellness, sufferers of chronic disease, children, or those nearing the end-of-life.”

Maymester runs from May 14-June 2. The class will include four daylong sessions held at the Selu Retreat Center. Medical doctors will join the faculty for the course to present on diagnosis and treatment of Lyme and mold disease and the emerging therapies for healing chronic disease.

“For anybody who is into healing or helping others heal, this course will expand your worldview of healing and its potential,” said Weisz.

The curriculum and the class’ line-up of guest speakers will examine a variety of therapies that are being accepted as complementary or being integrated into traditional Western medical practices. Among the subjects addressed by Radford faculty and community practitioners will be animal and music therapy, hypnosis, tai chi, yoga, mindfulness and caring science, ayurvedic medicine, the body’s energy system and meditation.

‘Today’s health care is evolving from a biochemical orientation to one that includes the physics underpinning health,” said Weisz. “We focus on non-toxic and non-invasive approaches to achieving and maintaining wellness and healing for the body, mind and spirit.”

Those interested can register for Nursing 473, 573 or 773 and all are welcome, said Weisz. For more information, contact Weisz at 540-767-6185 or

Apr 21, 2017
Don Bowman
(540) 831-7523