Student Media offices return to campus

Daniel Willingham edits a project for ROC TV as he works in the new Student Media Office location in Tyler Hall.

Radford University's Student Media offices have moved back on campus.

Located in the basement of Tyler Hall, room 025, the program’s new center features a colorful and open floor plan, painted red for school spirit.

At the entrance of the space, there is a welcome desk with a student media member present to greet visitors. The rest of the space consists of tables, computer stations and media equipment for students to use.

The Student Media offices were previously located in apartments three blocks away from campus on Davis Street. The new on-campus location is ideal for student media to connect with the student body and stay on top of the latest happenings.

Since returning to campus, student media’s first goal has been to increase the amount of individuals visiting the center and encourage students to get involved through hosting open houses and spreading the word of their return.

Student media leader Daniel Willingham is excited about the move back and is eager to share with his peers why it is an organization worth joining.

“This is the place that you want to be if you are trying to get a job. The students who join Radford's student media are successful in their post-college years," Willingham said.

Assistant Director of Student Activities Geoff White is passionate about what Radford's student media program has to offer.

“I am trying to teach the students professionalism," White said. "It is one thing to learn how an article is constructed or how to make an excellent video in your classes, but here is where the rubber meets the road: where students can learn how to be in a professional office environment and create media.”

With the return of student media to campus, students have regained convenient access to an outstanding extracurricular in which they can work collaboratively with the student body once more.

Radford's student media is comprised of seven organizations: The Beehive, Exit 109, The Tartan, Radford on Camera, Radio Free Radford, Whim and Student Media Advertising.

For more information on Radford's student media, check out RUInvolved or stop by the new media center.


Geoff White and Daniel Willingham talk in the new offices of Student Media in Tyler Hall.

Sep 27, 2016
Lisa Sheffer