Department of Design launches Fresh Fruit Fridays

Department of Design students gather at the inaugural Fresh Fruit Friday event.

Radford University’s Department of Design began a new weekly tradition - Fresh Fruit Fridays - on Sept. 2.

Each Friday, from 7:30 to 9:30 a.m. in McGuffey 210, the Department of Design will provide fresh fruit for all students taking classes in the department, as well as for faculty and staff who also work in McGuffey Hall.

“Last year, we had a fashion design student ask for us to have a mindfulness class geared toward helping design majors be more mindful and help them better manage the stress in their lives,” said Department of Design Chair Holly Cline.

Students aren’t the only ones who want to improve their mindfulness.

“We have also had some faculty within the department who have some medical issues," Cline said. "We determined that we could all benefit from being healthier and more mindful.

“The department faculty met two weeks before the semester started and we decided to implement some new strategies within the department to promote healthier lifestyles for this year,” Cline continued. “Fresh Fruit Fridays was one of the initiatives.”

The fruit will vary each week, but all of it will share a common trait: portability.

“Today we had apples, clementines and bananas,” Cline said. “I selected fruits that would be easy to eat on the run and not be as messy as some.  Next week we will add coffee as well.”

Almost 30 students attended the first Fresh Fruit Friday event. Some students ate their fruit on the go, while others stayed and spoke with their professors and fellow classmates.

“I think today was very successful,” Cline said.

Sep 2, 2016
Max Esterhuizen
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