Sustainability Steering Committee is back to work


The Radford University Sustainability Steering Committee is back in action, ready to tackle the university’s Climate Action Plan and campus sustainability objectives.

After a two-year hiatus, the committee met in early October to discuss courses of action that will guide the university toward meeting its goal of becoming the most sustainable campus in the state.

The new committee is made up more than 20 members from around campus, including students, faculty and staff. Many of the members were part of the original committee that was established in 2011.

“Having an active Sustainability Steering Committee again is important for the university to accomplish its sustainability goals,” Sustainability Manager Josh Nease said. “We have someone from about every corner of university operations. These committee members have the ability to enact change.”

The committee is broken down into five strategic working groups: Operations; University Services; Education and Research; Outreach, Student Involvement and Campus Culture; and Tracking, Assessing, Modifying and Funding.

At the inaugural meeting, Dennis Grady, dean of the College of Graduate Studies and Research, provided an overview of the committee’s prior history and charged the members to “make Radford University the most sustainable university in the Commonwealth of Virginia.”

Grady, who was part of the original steering committee, cited the initial charge made in 2008 that called for members to be “creative, innovative and bold in recommending a course of action that will reduce Radford University’s environmental footprint and bring recognition to the university through its sustainability leadership.”

The original Sustainability Steering Committee adopted the Climate Action Plan in 2011 through a series of workshops with students, faculty and staff. The plan includes actions for establishing Radford University as a carbon-neutral campus by 2040.

“To me, this happens by having a strong group of committee members who think about our goals and plan for actions in which we can achieve those goals,” Nease said

Oct 26, 2016
Chad Osborne