MFA students host exhibit in McConnell Library

MFA student Leslie King featured next to one of her pieces.

An exhibition featuring three Master of Fine Arts (MFA) photography students officially opened at Radford University on Oct. 4 in McConnell Library.

The exhibition, which features works by Leslie King, Kaitlynn Slaughter and Langley Anderson, displays photographs with three different – and unique – styles.

One method – piezography – was used by King. Piezography is a fine-art black and white digital process, now in use for 16 years. The digital process imitates a traditional photographic method. King used the method to print photographs taken on a trip to Shackleford Island, near Beaufort, North Carolina.

“Originally, I went to photograph wild horses,” King said. “It was a perfect day with amazing reflections in the clouds, so I suddenly found myself shooting hundreds of photos with clouds with reflections in the clear, fresh water. It had puddled in the sand in perfect formations.”

MFA student Kaitlynn Slaughter featured next to one of her pieces.

Slaughter used a process that combined new and old technology in her photos of a Civil War reenactment at Gettysburg.

“I decided to do something a little different,” Slaughter said. “I made a really big negative, rendered it out digitally and then did an overlay in a darkroom. It’s a weird combination of new technology and then taking a step backwards in time in using an antiquated process.”    

Anderson took a scientific approach with her series, which started with a monochromatic image before Anderson digitally colored it in.

MFA student Langley Anderson featured next to one of her pieces.

“I used a scanning electron microscope,” Anderson said. “They are very small specimens of either insect parts or plant parts that I put into the microscope. Then, I imported the photos into Photoshop and digitally painted the black and white images to get the vivid colors. The images are just a couple of millimeters large in real-life.”

“These three MFA students show how much diversity there is in photography,” said Assistant Professor Andrew Ross. “That’s what I love about their work.”

The pieces will be on display on the third floor in McConnell Library until Nov. 8.

Oct 6, 2016
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